Posted by: cmittermeier | February 15, 2014

Online Workouts, Christian style

Ever have one of those moments where you look for something you think will be hard to find only to discover its super easy to find and was almost staring you in the face?  Today was one of those moments for me.  I have been doing online workouts for almost a month now.  I needed something short to fit into every morning, and something longer for a better workout on the days when I have more time.

Initially I’d started with web sites that generally have trusted health information, places like sharecare, livestrong, and Dr. Oz.  I found short workouts, and even tried a few beginner yoga because I don’t really know much about it beyond the controversy and that its not all jiggly (something I was looking for as I now have a lot more to jiggle).  I have never found an issue with the movements, nor the breath regulation, but I certainly have concerns when they start bringing in spirituality.  There many out there who can elucidate on those concerns and I totally agree with them, if you’re interested check out RC Spiritual direction‘s article on it.  Beginner videos don’t go into that side of things, and that makes sense.  Few start newbies with controversial stuff, they want to build a base to interest you first. My husband reminded me a few weeks back that I might want to look into  pilates instead.  My internal reaction – that’s a lot harder than yoga… So I went trolling the net and I managed to find a few beginner pilates workouts that I could do.  It made me feel better to know I had found something that I could grow with that didn’t need to be watched to ensure it doesn’t lead me away.  Still, it was secular videos.

Today I went to check with Catholic TV, its a Boston TV station that has a great online presence.  When I’ve had more time, I’ve enjoyed watching various series they have produced and I find they are a great source of online catechism, bible studies, in addition to the regular catholic stuff like daily mass and devotions like the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or the Rosary.  What I found blew me away.

Yes, you are reading the link correctly – Faithful workouts!  Catholic style!  Can you believe it?  Now, I have to be honest, their search engine optimization isn’t the greatest.  I routinely will google “Catholic exercise” or “Catholic workout” and I have yet to find them, and yes, they do have a separate website.  Faithful Fitness is a mulch-faceted approach that buddies faith with food (fuel) and fitness.  I have not looked into the fuel or the online program – but I have tried some of their videos on youtube.  They have a wide variety, and their 10 minute one will replace my daily beginner segments for the next while.

When I did their 30-minute workout today, I ended in tears.  It has been a full week with many issues to deal with.  Some have some run-way lights helping us move in the right direction, others are still unresolved.  It has left me in yet another test of the “what to turn to with stress” systems.  I still turn far too much to bad comfort food, and that can lead to a downward spiral.  We’ve all seen it even if its never happened to you.  I stumble, then I beat myself up, now with less strength I crumble, and so it continues as we dig our own pit.  As I did the 30 minute workout, well, instead of crumbling it felt like I was able to reject a bit more that downward spiral.  At the end as I finally allowed the tears to fall, and boy did it feel good.

Stress happens.  Life isn’t about avoiding stress, its about dealing with it.  Far too often I try to force myself to be stoic when what I really need is a good cry, a reminder that life will be okay, and a moment to myself. Instead of sublimating extra energy from anger, I numb it with food. Today, as I worked out to Christian music I was reminded just how important it is to keep our faith in every aspect of our lives.  I needed those quotes from scripture so badly, and I would have never found them in a secular workout video.  If God is in every aspect of our lives, he’s got a lot more opportunities to help us deal with stress in a positive way that reduces not adds to it.

If any of you have come across other Christian workout sites, I would love to explore them.  I’m sure they are out there, lets find them!


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