Posted by: cmittermeier | April 24, 2014

“Catholic” union and the gay pride parade.

Today I was accused of not following Jesus’ real teaching, of following rules like the Jews who killed Christ instead of following him.  All because I do not support Catholic Teachers, under the banner of the Catholic Teachers Union, going against their bishop and marching in a gay pride parade.

Obedience was what I had called them on, but that was not what upset my accuser.

I called a “Catholic” union that was refusing to follow direction from their Bishop on obedience – yet somehow I was judging homosexuals and labeling them as good or bad – all because I feel strongly that a union that says it is Catholic  who doesn’t think its under the authority of the Bishop is kinda missing the point!  Get real folks – if I said I was an marching in something under the banner of my work and my employer said “that’s not what our company stands for – march as a private citizen and drop the affiliation” the world would quickly side with the boss!  Odd how principles don’t apply logically.

But I will write more on my understanding of the Church’s teaching on same sex attraction, I suspect that was what was really bugging my accuser.  Its not what most people think it is, and it certainly isn’t followed by many.  There are homophobic people out there who hide behind what they think is catholic teaching, I am not one of them.  Because of them I often refuse to speak up, the little common ground we share is far too little in comparison to their big, mean, loud voices and I’d rather not be associated with people who say what others do is disgusting, etc. etc. etc. We’re all sinners, its all disgusting.  As a sinner, I expect others to let me know when I miss the mark – I may not like it, but I expect it.  The bible is very clear on how to chastise me, and its very clear that part of loving someone is correcting them.  The people I don’t want to stand with miss those parts on how to correct and lean too heavily on the parts that teach what needs correcting in others.

Oddly enough, my accuser never asked my understanding of the churches teaching on same sex attraction.  I did offer to tell him, but he didn’t want to hear.

We have a huge problem, few people actually realize that the church asks nothing different of those battling same sex attraction as it does those with heterosexual inclinations.  If the teachers union was going to hand out pamphlets on chastity and the fact that sex is for the building of marital union and procreation – I suspect the Bishop (I know I would) would have been happy to have them go.

Problem is, the heterosexual world won’t accept that sex cannot be disconnected from the possibility of a baby and family.  Problem is, they don’t see the infertile times of a woman’s cycle as a time to build the marital relationship – they see it as rationale that sex can and is just for fun.  For our society, sex isn’t about babies… and if a baby does result and the pill she was on doesn’t abort it, well, that’s what abortion clinics are for.  Ignore the fact that the baby is a separate being with its one unique DNA, its considered as a part of the mother’s body and she has the right to do what she wants with that.  (Oh and, Yes folks, the “catholic” minister of education last year said teaching abortion was not against catholic beliefs.  The bishop caught that one too.)

Sex is about family, if you get that, you get why acting on same sex attraction doesn’t make sense to the church.  If you think sex is just about orgasm, then anything that brings you to orgasm makes sense.  Personally, considering creating another human being is the closest we get to participating in creation, I’m not surprised it comes with the possibility of a great set of sensations.  Does it make sense when a woman can’t get pregnant?  Of course – it builds the relationship between husband and wife, creating a more stable family unit.  So yeah, to me, sex is about building a stable family unit with the possibility of a new life being the result.

Does sex out of marriage make sense if its about creating a family unit?  Nah, can’t say it does.  Doesn’t matter to me who or what turns your crank – sexuality is about reproduction, and every child deserves the chance to have a stable family unit.  When that is not possible, do the best you can but don’t lie to yourself and say its equivalent.  I am proud of my single mom niece who has publicly admitted that she wishes her son’s father was in the picture.  That takes guts, the world would prefer she tow the party line that any family unit is perfect.

But the union wasn’t going to hand out info on chastity.  It wasn’t going to tell them that one area doesn’t define them, that God loves them but expects the same of them as it does heterosexuals – to be chaste outside of a family unit.  No, it feels that ‘support’ means saying what they do is fine.  Funny, when Jesus was presented with the woman caught in adultery, I thought he ended it with, “Go and Sin No More”.  Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means they, just like myself, had better not forget those last words… Go and Sin No More.  Love isn’t about letting them do what they want, its about showing them we love them as they find that path to sin no more.

If any of you want to bash those who have same sex attraction because they are disgusting, or perverse, don’t do it here.  I only ask of them what I ask of everyone else: keep sex within a marriage, fully open to new life.  To want sex outside that concept is disordered – it makes no sense to take reproduction out of reproduction.  Hey wait, did I just say all us heterosexuals who rely on birth control are disordered?  Oh My!  I just came out of the closet as a sinner!  Yes folks, I don’t live up to my own standards!  My husband had a vasectomy before we returned to the church.  Ack!  I’m outed!  As I said – we’re all sinners and that INCLUDES ME!

That’s the thing about standards – they are standards, not common denominators, and certainly not lowest common denominators.   Jesus came to show us a path back to those standards, not to abolish the law but to fulfill it.  I am no different than those with same sex attraction, I even walked as one of them in my early teen years.  Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law, those standards are still there.  Loving a sinner does not mean saying what you do is not a sin.  I can show them compassion because I am a sinner along with them.  It doesn’t mean what we did, do, will do, is right.  Its about finding a path to “sin no more”.

But my accuser didn’t want to here what I had spent five years researching, questioning.  He assumed I was one of those gay-bashers.  And I wonder why I rarely stand up for the church’s teaching on sexuality… imagine how much bashing I’ll get for coming out against contraception? Time to hold tight to John 15.


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