Posted by: cmittermeier | July 26, 2014

Long Journeys and the Temptations of Quick Fixes

It never fails, when my frustration over a long weight loss journey grows, the ads for rapid weight loss flourish.  Honestly I don’t get the real stupid ones, all ad generating engines in life use more sophisticated algorithms.  I get the ones like Dr. Oz’s rapid weight loss plan, and a few Christian weight loss programs.  I have looked into many of them and I’m sure they work – I just can’t stick to them.  I’m glad I’ve learned to ignore them, a quick fix won’t deal with my bigger issue.  I don’t need the 2 week solution that comes back in 4.

I lack enough fortitude, but it has increased in recent years so I haven’t lost hope yet.  There was a time when those ice cream cravings would have ended with a container being eaten.  To show how far I’ve come, last night when I came home from work I needed to eat the rest of my dinner (a 15 minute break is not enough for a full meal at work folks, don’t suggest it).  I had been tempted at work to buy a pack of  cupcakes, or other small cake like dessert.  I didn’t give in at all – instead I made myself a southwestern salad from scratch.  I made up my mango salsa and measured out just the right amount of tortilla chips to go with it.  It wasn’t enough to satisfy, the ice cream craving came back again.  I had two small bowls of frozen yogurt instead with a few bittersweet chocolate chips.  In total I ate less than a previous normal serving (tip to those who like multiple portions – make them small so you trick yourself).   This is progress, but its not enough progress.

It is hard to look back on all the small steps and not see a destination closer.  For most people, small steps lead closer to the destination then they plateau.  I don’t get that pattern.  During a decade where I often see women gaining 10 pounds, I’ve been able to hold my own is about all I can say.  In reviewing all I’ve done I know where the problems lay – I need to exercise more consistently for longer periods of time for one.  Like many my age, I’ve lost muscle mass and its not coming back without effort.  Muscle is super important to maintaining your proper weight.  That is where I know I need to focus next.

I promise to keep you posted on how it goes – for better or for worse.  I decided on vacation that I didn’t want my blog to just be about the ‘good moments’.  I’m going to include more of the struggle, for that is where we all are.  Those who have already found success aren’t looking for inspiration.  I’m not giving up folks, neither should you no matter what your difficulties.  We will get there only by trying, falling, and trying one more time than we fall.


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