Posted by: cmittermeier | August 3, 2014

Weeding the garden, an update on routine

I wrote a post a long time ago about calories burned while gardening, specifically pulling weeds.  To this day, because of its title it is still one of the posts that catches search engines so it often comes up in my stats.  Today I read it again, and I had to smile.  Is my lawn weed free after all these years?  Not quite, but there has been a whole lot of progress that I’d miss if I concentrated just on the lawn.

Our yards, both front and back, need a lot of work still.  We don’t actually know what to do with our front flower bed, so for this year we are primarily keeping things pretty bare.  That means there is a lot of room for weeds to grow.  Its meant I’ve gotten good at regular weeding!  If you’ve read the other post, you’ll know that was a huge problem.  If you look around the side and the back, you’ll see a strawberry patch that is expanding fast and in the back, a vegetable patch that is yielding more than I can keep up with.  Lots of progress.

I am happy to report that weeding and watering isn’t the only thing I’ve been able to do more regularly, and eating well is one of those things that though not perfect, has gotten better.  This weekend I had an emotional difficulty, and sure enough I went straight to food.  Guess what, it didn’t last as long as it used it.  In under 24 hours, with a lot of help from God, I stopped reaching for marshmallows.  I went back to eating more veggies and fruit.

It isn’t the absents of falls, but how frequent and how quickly we rebound from them that in the end shows progress.  I still fall, always will.  Eventually, that progress will show up on the scale.  I just have to keep the faith and keep on eating my veggies.


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