Posted by: cmittermeier | August 7, 2014

Wow, for a bad day, I’m pretty proud!

I am exhausted, this will be a short post because I need a nap.  Yesterday I worked with the kids on school stuff (yes, I’m doing summer homeschooling, both my boys are behind and with dyslexia if you don’t use it you loose it), then I worked as a cashier till 10 last night.  I didn’t take a full dinner with me, with only a 15 minute break I knew I’d barely have time to eat my hummus and veggies.  It was a mistake.  I came home super hungry!  I ate 4 squares of left over pizza, 3/4 cup of ice cream and 3 oreos.

Today I am super exhausted and its the time of the month where PMS rears its ugly mood swings.  Great!  Add to that two boys who are less interested in the boring work… you’d expect some hand to mouth gratification.  Well, breakfast was a grapefruit and half a bagel with a cream cheese product that had been cut with Greek yogurt.  Lunch, I splurged, I had a hot dog, my 6 cups of salad, and an apple.  The hot dog was planned folks, I’ve got to go to a bbq on Sunday and there will be no vegetarian option.  I wanted to make sure if I ate a hot dog that I wouldn’t be needing a bathroom as we’ve got a rally to go to afterwards.  For afternoon snack, flavoured Greek yogurt – and I splurged by having the chocolate flavour and a bit of the blueberry.

Yup, not a perfect day, but still a heck of a lot of progress.  Now I just need to go drink more water before I warm up my dinner.  Vegetarian chili and a salad.  Too bad I can’t find a recipe I like for southwestern salad dressing, then it would be a scrumptious meal.


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