Posted by: cmittermeier | August 8, 2014

A Family plan for both husband and wife

Well, my husband is interested in loosing some weight.  I’m tired of not loosing weight.  Something has to change, but what?  What will we do to loose weight?

When I took my husband through a few different meal plans, he felt daunted and defeated before we began.  So lets look at those issues and see if we can find some solutions?

My husband hasn’t been looking at this for five years like me.  He’s not the type to want to be a dietitian – grab and go with as little prep as possible is his style.  He loves fast food and things have to satisfy.  Plain food gets boring very fast, as does the same things over and over again.

A plan for him has to include:

  • portion control
  • easy to grab snacks
  • dips for raw veggies, and a variety of them

Lets look at his strengths for a moment.  He has great consistency and he’s a long haul person.

I spent a bit a time tonight counting some calories for a basic plan for him by starting first with what he actually eats.  It soon became apparent where the weight came from!  It would mean cutting his breakfast in half, cutting his dinner in half, and removing his lunchtime starch.  That will be a huge change, and I’m not sure he’d be able to do all of it at once.  Cutting back on the lunch will likely be the easiest change.  I’d have to talk more with him as to whether dinner or breakfast in half would be the target after lunch.

Reviewing all those calories was a good wake up call for me.  I need to plan out my day better because my intake is way over what it should be!  I had known my breakfast had gotten bad so I’ve trimmed it back down, but my dinner is too big.

One of the other things I need to take to prayer is finding moments that satiate me that have nothing to do with food.  Last night I realized I just wanted to literally “chew” on a problem, and gum was a great solution.  I still need to work on those oddities of my personality that lead me back to eating too much.  Yes, I am very proud that my “binges” are back to normal servings, but when you’re already over your daily limit… even a normal serving is too much.  Tonight was an important night, and I see much more clearly where I need to work on next.  Getting back within my daily limit has to be a priority.

So, to recap, for my husband the first step will be lunch and for me it will be getting dinner back under control.



  1. I have to say that I feel your pain on this issue. Both Dave and I have struggled with weight issues and have tried many different approaches with varying results. I have to say though that our biggest successes were a result of asking for professional help. The try gym program that we both participated in was recommended by our family doctor. It consisted of a twice weekly instructed exercise class and a once weekly class with a dietician who provided individual consultant well. We tracked our food and exercise daily and handed it in each week to be reviewed. I feel that the best part of this is that Dave had to be responsible and accountable for his own eating. Of course we worked together to ensure that our meal plans would support his plan but he was ultimately responsible for monitoring his portions. This was not a fast weight loss program but an educational and lifestyle changing program. I am not sure what is available in Toronto but this might be an approach that would be successful for both of you.

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