Posted by: cmittermeier | August 12, 2014

Health for All – even those under persecution

This blog is about my journey to health, but today I’m not writing about myself.  Today I’m writing about all the people in foreign lands for whom such concerns have become a luxury – their lives right now are all about surviving another day.  For those in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Nigeria, Gaza – and so many more countries – today will about finding water, food, and protection from those who are out to kill them.

On August 10, I went to a demonstration in Toronto.  It was very sobering.  We walked on even ground with police along side to protect us as we crossed in front of traffic with water and snacks in our packs.  Those in the mountains of Iraq and Syria – they are crossing uneven ground, hiding from people trying to kill them, with little or no food or water.  The world has begun to mobilize to help them, but soon the next steps will be needed and here is my plea.  Please consider sponsoring a refugee.  Look into it, it’s really not that hard and like many acts of charity, it gives back so much more.  To give you a sense of what the march was about, please watch the video above.  It was about two marches, one August 3rd, and the one I attended on August 10th.  It was compiled by two Religious Brothers in the Heralds of the Gospel, Br. Gustavo and Br. David.  I cannot thank them enough for using their gifts to this cause, it speaks much louder than anything I could write.


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