Posted by: cmittermeier | August 17, 2014

how to unwind

I just binged.

This is not the way to unwind, but it made me face that I don’t actually know how to unwind.  I suspect I am not alone in this.  When I’ve worked so hard that I just collapse, well that I know how to do.  I can vegetate with the best of them.  I’ve learned how to enjoy a couple of shows at the end of the day with my hubby.  But how to unwind for an afternoon – or a fully day when you’ve completed a long stretch of work… that I don’t really know what to do with.

A few years ago I realized I no longer had “hobbies” – you know, things to do when you had a reasonable chunk of time but do not have to finish the task in that reasonable chunk of time?  The first time I realized it, the main issue was that I didn’t have many reasonable chunks of time to use.  Since then I’ve thought about it from time to time, but few solutions have come out.

My oldest stand by for a “good time” was food – I can not honestly remember a family event that didn’t revolve around mammoth amounts of food.  The next one was always reading, but today I just didn’t want to pick up a book as the ones I’m reading are, well, kind of serious at present.  I think I need another “nonsense” series.  Another I like is watching tv shows and having a snack, but for some reason today that went much further than I expected… about 1500 calories more.  For me, that’s a full days worth of food.  As stupid as it sounds, it was mainly because I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I used to be the kid that was into everything, I always had a zillion projects on the go.  But life changes you.  I stopped wanting a bunch of unfinished things, so I started only starting things I planned on finishing.  I have been getting rid of things too, I don’t want clutter and there’s not enough space in my house for hobbies.  I try very hard to only read books from the library, I don’t have shelf space as I once did.  So I’ve pared down.  One of the bigger issues, I don’t often have big chunks of “nothing” time.  My Sabbaths are often spent with family, and that time isn’t decided just by me.  Most weekends the hubby and kids are away I’m working both days and by the time I get home I’m pretty tired.  Today I worked an earlier shift, so I had too much time.

Though I’d sketched out my plan, I didn’t follow through because the plan wouldn’t satisfy.  Problem was, nothing did.  I did not know how to unwind!  Hmm.  Well, I shall ponder this more as I go for a walk.  I get the feeling God is watching very closely for what I’ll do with this information.
… and after the walk…
I went for a 40 minute walk and decided that tomorrow I’d start the digging in the backyard that we need to do before we lay the patio stones.  Digging burns anywhere between 350-500 calories, so I figure over the span of a day I’ll work off what I ate.  I also had some time to think more on those little things that bug at us.  It was a helpful walk, thanks my Lord!


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