Posted by: cmittermeier | August 20, 2014

The power of a pair!

My husband started logging his food August 8th, and he’s now down 4 pounds so far.  I went down and then held my own because I went a bit off course.  I have kept up my logging, even all the bad stuff I’d be embarrassed by.  It saved me from going much further off track – and today I realized that without logging my food I’d know I went off track only when the scale went UP – not flat lined like it did now.  Having to face what you’re doing is a powerful tool folks! It reminded me of a piece of advice my Mom gave me as a teenager, “If you can’t tell your parents about what you’re doing, chances are you shouldn’t be doing it”.  If you can’t bear to log one more oreo, chances are you shouldn’t be eating it!

The next benefit of working together was that when he was down again, I was motivated to keep up and not fall behind.  His success re-energized my determination to get back fully on track.  Not all pairs are that way, when both are not ready to change, the others success will often spook the other one. I have experience with bad relationships that are more about staying in the muck than getting cleaned up.  Even if they give lip service to wanting a better life, they’ll splash you with a tonne of mud if you start showing real signs of climbing out of the pit.  If your partners success doesn’t energize you, you picked the wrong partner!

The last benefit I want to point out is HELP.  It was time to do the weekly big salad bowl, and it didn’t fall just on my shoulders.  Technically it was a day overdue, and he’d had to go back to his old standby of a few ripped pieces of a single type of lettuce, no toppings.  He hated it!  Tonight he helped with the prep work and we got it done family style once again.  If your partner expects you to do all the work, they aren’t committed to the change!  Find another partner!



  1. Logging your food is brilliant! I did it and it taught me all my bad habits. If I didn’t want to write it down I knew it wasn’t something I should be eating.

    It paid off because now I’m eating healthier. Perfect? Not.even.close… but better.

    Speaking of which – September 1st I’m starting a Slender in September challenge group. All those serious on their weight loss are welcome to participate. I’m a coach and provide nutritional information and home based workout plans. Since you’re watching your nutrition Shakeology would be an amazing option for you!!! Just follow my name to my website and shoot me an email if you’d like to start a meal replacement as part of your daily log! It reduces cravings, provides weight loss, and gives you energy! You and your husband could enjoy it for breakfast!

    Hope to hear from you!

    • Thanks Jennifer! We’re not the shake type, but I love that there are options for everyone. Keep up the good work, maybe it will help another reader.

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