Posted by: cmittermeier | August 28, 2014

Practice makes for good eating habits & good down time

This weekend is another step in staying on track, and its going to be tough.  Its the last long weekend of the summer, and that means lots of RnR for my husband at the cottage with his family.  For him, that means eating out, appetizer platters, and not a lot of activity.  For me, I’ll be working so this is my time to myself before homeschooling starts officially on Tuesday.  In the past, after work I’d come home with a nice snack, and they weren’t all healthy and often times even on the healthy ones I’d go overboard.

This weekend is an opportunity to try once more to get it RIGHT!  My biggest tool will be logging what I eat – and cutting off when I’m at my limit.  I still want to enjoy my food, so its going to mean a LOT of pre-planning.  I’ve done this with restaurants, now I have to do it in my own “down time’.  At one point I would have said that was a contradiction – down time used to mean a time where I didn’t have to pay attention to the rules.  A time when I could let the dishes slide till later.  A time when I could slide back to a less perfect state.  But I’ve been thinking a lot about down time lately.

I no longer think that downtime has to include backsliding to be satisfying.  It logically never made sense, but then again, eating too many cookies because they felt good in my mouth but went against a larger goal didn’t make logical sense and yet I did that for decades.  What I’d been aiming for with the backsliding was an absence of the pressure of work.  That needs to be part of downtime.  But it shouldn’t come with a greater cost (having more to do later).  I need to look at the to-do list and put a pause on larger tasks that can wait without penalty, but keep up with the regular stuff that does pile up.  Logging my food, paying attention to what I eat is in that second category.  Its got to be everyday, and everyday can’t stop with downtime.  Otherwise, coming off downtime means returning to a greater stress.


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