Posted by: cmittermeier | September 3, 2014

Planning downtime – success

Years ago I the post I wrote prior would not have made sense, and likely would not have worked.  I remember how cheated I felt any time I tried to plan fun food.  It felt so restrictive, so unfair that I had to stop.  As I write this I cannot begin to comprehend all the little changes God had to make in my heart to help me reach this state.  I am not sure I can identify some of the big ones.

This weekend was a great success.  Not because I was able to buckle down and stay on track, but because I enjoyed it.  Getting done the stuff that would be behind and add stress, ignoring the stuff that can wait felt so liberating!  It was also super easy, my Mom was right – it really does take two shakes to tidy up after each meal.

I had lots of time to sit and read some good books.  Some were serious, helpful ones, but others were just plain fun books.  No, I didn’t have a zillion hours to read, in general I have 3-4 books on the go at any given time.  I had needed to find a few more fun ones though, the list had gotten a bit dry of late.  In the end I went back to an old series that I love, Narnia, and a new one, the Kane Chronicles.  I like keeping up with the reading that my sons find interesting.

That was where the real freedom came – I had time to explore all sorts of different things.  Instead of throwing caution to the wind and eating to fill the void, I touched a bit of everything and spent the most time on the things that satisfied most.  In addition to the reading, my list included faith stuff first (good religious books , confession, Eucharist), action on future goals (made soup and the big salad), connecting with good friends, unburdening my soul of its worries and mistakes (both through the sacraments and just talking things out with a good friend or two), and on budget comfort food.

My next goal is to go three weekends like this, and in that way I’d save up food credits to have enjoy a decadent treat.  I’ll keep you posted. Oh, by the way, the scale did go down this week – but the bigger measure of the weekend’s success was how satisfying it was.


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