Posted by: cmittermeier | September 20, 2014

What to do with a weekend to myself Part I

I have this weekend off – work ended at 5pm on Friday and my hubby had already taken the boys to his Mom’s and I am not working any shifts this weekend.  So, what do you think I’m doing with all this time?

Last night was book club – what a wonderful night!  It was good to connect with my other Mom friends, they are wonderful anchor points for me.  Today I didn’t sleep in, though I know I should have after such a late night.  I was too excited to start the day.  Smile.

Before I ate, I read started to read the daily readings and paused and remembered this day 30 years ago, the day my father left this world for the next.  I amended the poem I had written in grief, it no longer ends with a question over whether I would be able to handle the grief.  That has been answered very soundly – when your anchor is God, even death of the person dearest isn’t the end.  In the briefest of moments I caught a glimpse of why Christ was able to continue that night in the garden.  There are anchors far more powerful than even that night.  After a leisurely breakfast I connected with my hubby and read for a while before fatigue reminded me, “you didn’t get much sleep.”

As I climbed the stairs to rest for a bit a voice whispered, “you can do ANYTHING you WANT!”  Instinctively I rejected it – I didn’t want to do anything I wanted, I wanted to follow God’s plan for this weekend.  Though I still battle my pride, I’m old enough to not just be aware that I don’t know all the answers, I’m thankful that God knows whats best.  So once I reached my room, the first thing I did was kneel in prayer.

Being in God’s grace doesn’t mean a nice little bubble protecting you from the storm, it means safe passage through the storm to a better harbour.  As I lay down after my prayers, the storm swelled for a while.  I have so many mountains to climb!  I can easily be whispered off course, I am a bit of a will ‘o whisp.  It didn’t take much for the whispers to be adding far too many things to my list for this weekend.  Failure would be the end result if I continued on that route.  Mountains of to-do lists, too great an emphasis on how little progress has been made on my health – the storm is never far away.  I could give into the storm – or I could get off my duff and put the oars in the water.

It didn’t take long with the pen to steady the course of the day.  Laundry has been started and the organization of the freezers begun.  One major task, that was all this weekend was to contain amid the basics and one major task will be all it contains.  I’m half way through, next comes the sorting – you know what I mean, reviewing the items by how long they’ve been in and organizing it so oldest gets used first.  Now that the hands have been suitably warmed by typing I’m ready to head back to it.  I’ll keep you posted.



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