Posted by: cmittermeier | September 25, 2014

Step one: inflammation & “water weight”

If you’re like me and find your weight fluctuating in impossible ways, this is the post for you!  I can easily be up or down 5 pounds in a week.  It has made it very difficult to know if I’m really loosing weight, but not impossible.  This week I found some answers for myself, and I can’t wait to share, but first here’s the conclusion of my weekend – its just a paragraph so if feel free to skip it if you didn’t follow the first two posts of my molasses weekend.

For those who were keeping track of the weekend posts – Sunday was very slow as I trudged through making my soup, cleaning the kitchen, but it got infinitely better once my crew came home!  Hubby went grocery shopping with me, and after we had a family salad building activity!  We all pitched in and the weekly salad was put together in a jiffy.  The kids took turns with the salad spinner, and we found out my youngest son is not quite ready to “toss” the salad.  If only it didn’t lead into two nights of tummy troubles for the little one it would have been a great lead into the week – scratch that – family salad building was a great start!

Back to ‘Water Weight’.  We’ve all heard the comments after getting on track as the scale dropped faster than it should, and it always came with a worry that it would come back just as magically so next week you would be up,  no matter what you did.  After watching my weight jump back up when I wasn’t expecting it, and then seeing it fall off two pounds per day (yes, I weighed every day to see what the heck was going on) I wanted some answers.

I have known that my fingers, knees, and eventually hips will become inflamed and painful when I eat too much dairy (especially junk dairy such as soft serve ice cream).   This was the first time when I realized my weight also followed that pattern.  So I started digging – could it really be inflammation that I’m loosing?

Cue a bit of God-Incidence (also known as coincidence).   Though I don’t have time to watch Dr. Oz every day I tape it and binge watch them every few weeks.  Much easier over the summer when it was repeats, but now that the new season started I’m going slower through them.  On September 8th show, he introduced a family, the Stallman’s, who he and other experts are going to help get healthy.  I wasn’t watching September 8th, so I figured by now there might be an update on the web.  Turns out the Mom is blogging about things on Dr. Hyman’s site – he’s the nutritional expert helping them directly.  Kudos to that family by the way, my prayers are with them and all the families they are inspiring.

Now, I know a few nutritional experts, but I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Hyman so I started surfing a bit.  Jackpot!

If you hear someone say dismissively, “Oh, you just lost water weight,” they’re right (at first), because eating foods you are allergic to causes inflammation, which leads to swelling and fluid retention.

Getting rid of this fluid by reducing inflammation is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing.  It is what will allow your body to start the healing process so you can achieve permanent weight loss and optimal health.

Here I was worrying when that scale dropped that now I was dehydrated and the weight would go back.  Who knew all that pain in my fingers, knees, and hips would add up to over two litres of fluid?  Once I started thinking about it, it made sense though.  My wrists, ankle, and waist line would also increase with that pain (sometimes the bloating was significantly painful in itself).

“Beginning the healing process” stood out in particular for me, it was acknowledgement that in this mountain climb a vista had been reached.  There are so many times when you’re climbing, climbing, climbing and you feel like you’re just not getting anywhere.  You know you must be getting somewhere – but your regular markers don’t indicate the progress you would expect given the effort.  If you look at the last 5 years in terms of lifestyle changes, knowledge gained, its a lot of steps – but the scale hasn’t budged that much.

Other indicators have indicated progress – lets review them:

  • good cholesterol has increased
  • bad cholesterol has decreased by a full point (Canadian system)
  • joint pain reduced drastically
  • brain fog reduced significantly
  • fatigue reduced
  • sleep improvements
  • energy and productivity increases (still a work in progress, but there is progress)
  • my face and skin look so much better

But the scale hasn’t consistently stayed down.  For me, the scale is the altitude and those other things the foot hills, the rivers that needed forging.  Reading that line, that reducing the inflammation was the first step to healing was like finding out I’ve now crossed through the foot hills and had reached the gateway to the Rockies.  Its rather breathtaking.  No more feeling like I’ve just been circling, I’m going up that rock!



  1. Interesting!! I’m going to look into this more. Thanks for the post!

    • I know, I had never thought of it that way. It also gives me an earlier warning because waiting for the pain means 3-4 days off track but the water weight and minor bloating come much quicker. Fewer missteps, less time off track are both great helps.

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