Posted by: cmittermeier | September 26, 2014

Dinner with my man!

I just thought I would update you on how my hubby has been doing. He’s now down almost TEN pounds, this week was another two pound loss.

He’s quite happy about this because the physical he had before we started showed his blood sugar had continued increasing. The recall appointment came after he’d lost seven pounds, so our doctor was glad to see nothing further would need to be done beyond checking again in six months. He explained to my husband that the extra weight was just too much for his pancreas to handle and that it was getting worn out. Fat requires more insulin to be produced and his organ just couldn’t keep up. If he looses time weight it should be fine, but he did caution my husband that his goal weight may need to be lower than expected. As the years go on, a little less weight is easier on our organs, and his present numbers indicated that genetically his pancreas isn’t likely to be as robust.

Tonight we’re heading out for dinner, we’ve been to the restaurant before and have adapted out day to accommodate the night out. Planning means we don’t have to stress over the menu and can spend out time enjoying each others company, after all, isn’t that what a dat night is for? It won’t include dessert, but who needs a sweet when one is with your sweetheart 😃

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