Posted by: cmittermeier | October 1, 2014

Reasonable weight loss goals

I look at myself in the mirror everyday, it’s a quick check of progress and pitfalls. Lately, it has come with a challenge I would like to share.

Bodies age, there is no fountain of youth and I am not one to seek such things out. I am okay with of my grey hair and other identifiers that set me apart from my twenty-something friends. I am different from them, and I can be beautiful with grey hairs and more conservative and less trendy clothes. But as I look in the mirror, I am realizing even I have things to accept about my aging body.

If I were in a horrific fire, I would most likely have scars. Major surgery also leaves scar tissue, even a broken bone will heal with a permanent mark on the bone. By being overweight for so long, I am starting to realize there will always be some permanent marks. I had long ago faced that fat acts like stuffing, as the stuffing is removed my skin isn’t as taunt and sags. But as I continue this time around, I’m going deeper with it.

Years ago I wrote a post about the Devil’s mirror, when I get on my computer I will put in a link. It talked about how when we start to loose weight and feel good, we’ll go off track thinking we’re doing fine because we like what we see in the mirror. As I have been contemplating how my body is changing and will continue to change, I sensed a similar danger.

Those two things – that we can gloss over and ignore things that need to be changed, and accepting what cannot change is what I want to explore. I don’t know where that line falls. I am forty-three, not a twenty something. I do not know what can and cannot be reversed by lifestyle. Having read many success stories, I know even twenty year olds can’t always avoid the scars from excess weight. Skin reduction and breast reconstruction are very common in people who have lost significant amounts of weight, meaning loosing more than the normal weight of a regular person.

I do not have much to write at present, beyond do not let fear of scars stop you and when you find scars don’t be afraid of them. Pray lots- this is imperative. Healing is not just physical, it’s mental, it’s spiritual. Finding and facing that line between what must be accepted and what must be changed is hard, but you and I have legions to help us.

Gluttony is a sin folks, and overcoming it here is easier than in purgatory and right now there are souls in purgatory being purified from it. Offer up the challenges and pain of accepting you might never get that taunt, lean, robust body pictured in magazines. Offer up the suffering of the journey towards health, cause anyone who is overweight is obviously not naturally turning to only healthy food and plenty of exercise every day. Most of us sometimes like the work, sometimes we do it only because we are forcing ourselves to do it. It is a necessary suffering, and by offering it for all those souls who fell short here on earth, it is also redemptive suffering. Those souls can’t help themselves, but they can help us. When the fears and pondering about maintenance become counter productive, offer the difficulty for the first soul in purgatory who helps you stay on track.

As I continue to journey, I will write more about finding my own line. I rarely pushed myself in the past, previous attempts at loosing weight came with very high goal weights. So for me, the acceptance line will be beyond where it once was, both in terms of fitness and food. It will be the looking glass line where I have to pull it closer, I am going on record, unless the saggy baggy elephant look is dangerous to my health I want to learn how to accept it, provided that is the path God wants me to take.

My prayers include one for everyone else out there facing this aspect of the journey. I pray for you, you pray for me.


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