Posted by: cmittermeier | October 28, 2014

Filling the Unfillable

This fall has been full for me as I have begun homeschooling my two boys, both with academic challenges. Both share their mother’s adhd, both have difficulty hearing in background noise, one has aspergers, the other dyslexia. So, its been taking a lot of my time.

I have not been having my eating, nor my exercise as the main priority. I have managed to integrate exercise into my new role, and when things get difficult I have not returned to food for comfort. Though my health has not been the main focus, the lifestyle changes have been maintained and this is a huge milestone. It has often been the case when things get challenging that I fall back into bad habits, and then I have to reclaim lost territory.

As I pondered this, I keep coming back to St. Augustine kept referring to – our hearts are restless till they rest with God. This time around, after many years of dedicated actions and lots of confessions “I turned to food instead of God”, I wasn’t looking for food to fill me. This challenge has not been a walk in the park folks, its not that I was so full of consolation I had no need to look elsewhere. When the pain of the challenge got too much, it simply never occurred to me turn to food to blunt it. I knew I had to live it, deal with it. It meant practicing what I preach when I tell the boys to take everything – even their anger – to God because his arms are big enough. God, not food, has gotten me through this. Anything else just leaves one restless. Through this I have been many things, including hurt, angry, tired, worn out, and I lived each difficult moment not by my own merits, but because God was there, because I put my heart in His.

It has strengthened my belief that I am on the right road. There is no single plan that works for every one – no diet that fits us all. There is no workout plan that gets everyone in shape. But there is one God who will help everyone find their own paths in those areas. If you want to find those paths, first find Him.


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