Posted by: cmittermeier | November 3, 2014

The Fruit ripens

Over the last five years I have been slowly changing my day to day life, creating a new lifestyle. On paper those goals didn’t take much space to write out: integrate God into everything, eat healthy, be active. We know that change is not a sprint but a marathon and that you can’t expect results right away. Now, at the five year mark, I want to jump for joy and shout from the roof tops because I am over flowing!

Folks, I didn’t just survive Halloween, I THRIVED. I didn’t eat a single candy while I handed stuff out. I kept myself busy by reading and because this did require some effort, I offered it up for my family. That night, I had some of the stuff my kids shared with me, but at a retreat the next morning, I made the choice to not eat any candy (my son has an allergy so there’s always a large bin of peanut candy for Mom & Dad). I decided I would offer that sacrifice up for my family. The moment I came home I put the bin in a dark storage space till my husband has time to donate it somewhere.

When I say I THRIVED, do not read that I had no temptations and that it was a walk in the park to sit next to my favourite chocolate bars as I read my son’s school novel (have to stay ahead of him). Read that the temptations were lesser than the graces I received. Read that the joy of offer it up was more than sufficient to hold the urge at bay. Success is not the absence of challenge, but meeting it triumphantly! My YES to the graces was SUFFICIENT to deal with the thorn.

So, yeah, I’m doing a little dance in the end zone! My quarterback knew just where to throw the ball to get me past the opposition. That is the success of going the Godly route. Its not about will-power, its about letting God change me form the inside out increasing my perseverance. Its about listening for the helps (grace) to get through the moment. Its about fixing your mind on a bigger goal (say the salvation of others) that makes it worth racing through the opposition (ie offering up the minor suffering of being tempted). This is Triumph!


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