Posted by: cmittermeier | December 9, 2014

Not Burning the kids lunch… and other narrow escapes

I am awful at making grilled cheese sandwiches. They cook so slowly to stand and watch becomes an exercise in day dreaming, but if you don’t pay attention it is very easy to burn them! Its a delicate balance, one I am not good at. To find things to fill those moments where the pan is doing the work I have tried many things… including writing blog posts. That last one is not the best, but it has worked from time to time. Enough so that I keep trying it (yes, they are on the stove right now). It is easy to stop when a bad choice always results in a negative consequence, but that isn’t how life works. Sometimes, like blogging when cooking a grilled cheese I make perfect sandwiches.

There are too many things in my life that are like that – moments when I seem to have gotten away with a bad choice. Those moments of “sometimes” mean we have to use our reason instead of the immediate outcome to decide if it should be repeated. Because the immediate cost of a bad decision is not steep enough to steer you away from making the bad choice, it is easy to repeat poor choices.

Of late, I have been faced with many of these. I can handle a bit of milk and a few cookies without bloating or my joints turning 100. Problem is, though I do not feel the immediate consequences, I still have to face the slow down to my weight loss. Those moments are opportunities for me to exercise my will, to make a choice independent of immediate results.

Yes, you read correctly, opportunities. It is an area I need to work on, so it makes sense God will drill me in much the same way most teachers do. Once the concept is understood its a matter of training the neurological pathways in the correct way and that only happens with just the right amount of repetition. I can’t say that I’m nearing the pass grade just yet, but each opportunity will bring me closer to being able to say that.

So, bring on the Christmas cookies, bring on the eggnog! Ms. Moderation needs some practice.


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