Posted by: cmittermeier | December 29, 2014

The New Years Plan

We all need those times that help us stop and evaluate where we are at and plan where we are going to go next. For me, Advent is when the gears start to turn because annual reviews take time. This year my review also had to include homeschool, not to mention a detour with a cold, so unlike other years I am only getting my health review December 29th. Though I’ve been thinking about bits and pieces, the 29th is the first time I’ve had to sit down and begin typing it out.

This year has been one of incredible growth, with many parts of the puzzle coming together. My husband is now on board, as well as the kids. With homeschooling, I now have the structure and external requirement to get in regular physical exercise. September, one of the most stressful months because I was starting homeschooling, showed me that my stress coping set was able to be independent of food.

But as November ended, I had to face that I had not lost the weight I expected to. So many parts of the puzzle were there, yet, the picture was far from complete. The first week in December I hit the clothing wall: I needed a top and none was to be found. What should have been a simple purchase took hours and left me staring at my lack of progress with that desperation necessary if one is going to make significant change. When the system works, you don’t change – I need those moments where things force me to see it is not working.

The month of December stirred things inside I did not expect. Stray comments transported me back in time to painful times in my life when loosing weight was not about health, but about trying to live up to other people’s standards. We got sick with the never-ending-cold that made its rounds through many households, reminding me how frequent I was getting sick this year. The juxtaposition of lack of health with the old you’re not pretty enough was a double whammy that was soon followed up by isolation. I turned to food because mentally I just could not get into a prayerful headspace. Though I have some non-food coping mechanisms, a weak spot was found and that is important to know.

Just as I needed the desperation of not being able to find a top, I gained a great deal from the difficult experiences. I am very fortunate to not live with those stresses, they were very temporary. The pain of my past helps me stay compassionate, but it does not define me. A lowered immune system is easily remedied. Isolation is an aspect of every ones life from time to time, and mine is already ebbing away. Experiencing them reminded me how far I have come, and where the weak links are that will need to be reinforced as I push towards the next level.

Now, I am ready to move to that next level. I am ready to make the plan and stick to it. I know I can stick with it because the grace of God is sufficient. This does not mean the battle will end, thinking that would set myself up for failure. God’s grace being sufficient means that I can go into battle knowing I can win it. There will be temptations, but the temptations will not destroy me.

This is the year I feel I finally have enough pieces to loose the weight for good. Over the next few days I’m going to outline the areas of my plan: spiritual, physical fitness, food, and friends to name a few. In the mean time, take a moment to write out your plan for the new year.


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