Posted by: cmittermeier | January 4, 2015

January 2015 Food plan

My food plan will be reset each month, this way it can adapt with the seasons and what I have learned in the previous months. I was offline for a few days, so I know this is being posted late.

When I feel I need to, I will log my food on, but for the most part I hope to be able to avoid that this month by relying on structured eating. I have found that I am most successful when things are pre-portioned and somewhat routine. The challenge in this is the preparation involved, that is the next step: nightly making sure there is enough ready for the next day to grab and go. The ease of this is that it relies on strategies I have found to work.

I have realized that the 80/20 rule works to maintain my weight, but if I want to loose weight I cannot afford too much time off the narrow path. On the plus side, I am now so accustomed to healthier choices I don’t have the daily drive for sweets. The downside is that on special occasions I still feel the need have my cake and large meals. I have been able to curb this to some extent, but I it continues to be a weak spot. This month has relatively few events, but it has enough that outside those events I cannot afford to have any treat days. My strategy will be to only do treats on those treat days. Outside of them (it was January 1 celebrations and my son’s birthday celebrations), if I need a bit of dessert it must be a real food dessert. Real food desserts are things like yogurt, frozen fruit blended with dates, nuts, and soy milk, maybe a single healthy granola bar, or a bowl of chocolate oatmeal.

An overall challenge still to be fully mastered is fatigue eating. When I am tired, I have less control and in the hopes of waking myself will eat. In general I am past the worry point (New Years Eve), but I have to be on guard for it. My best strategy has been to put my head down, but if that is not possible, drink water or tea will help. Mentally, I try to remind myself this is a temporary state and not worth ruining the program.

I will continue with a fruit and nut for afternoon snack, a serving of lentils or beans at dinner along with cooked veggies and a small serving of rice. Lunch will be salad with seeds and a homemade dressing, along with a nice bowl of soup. Breakfast and morning snack are the hold outs, but the weather has finally started to look like winter so my cold weather staple of oatmeal is looking more appealing. I always add nuts or soynut butter to it, ensuring enough protein and healthy fat to last the morning. The morning snack can easily be satisfied with a single piece of fruit, if I feel I need more protein I will add some yogurt.

My food challenge will be to find one new lentil recipe, I have two that I enjoy but would like one more. Additionally, I have been reminded of all the flavoured rice dishes I used to like and am hoping to make up a number of different ones to freeze in single servings. Spanish rice, herbed rice, an oriental stir fry rice, they were all easy to prepare with a lot of great flavour.

This next week I will be working each evening to prepare not just the next days, but some freezer singles. I want to find a workable system so I do not need to be preparing every day as I tend to run out of steam for the daily grind of food preparation. Fresh things, like our salad, can only be prepared for a single week, but frozen items can be done much further in advance. The same for single portions of nuts and seeds. I know I have to commit to at least a few days each week getting things ready, so for the next five weeks that is what I will use mind over habit to do. In the past, I have not been able to maintain this long enough, so finding the balance is important.

So that is my plan for this month’s eating. Most of this is continuing existing routines. Realistically, this month will be easy. There are not many situations that will trigger eating responses.


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