Posted by: cmittermeier | January 5, 2015

January 2015 Fitness Plan

This plan is simple. Like the other plans, it is building off of existing routines and structures that are already in place. The changes are small and hopefully manageable. Because there is already a break in the flow due to Christmas break and we are starting new school routines, it should be easy to incorporate these into the new routine.

My boys like having Phys. Ed. with me, and it has kept me going. My strength is returning, while their young muscles are budding. Because it is winter time and they cannot spend time racing around on their bikes, our classes have to include some aerobic activity. Also due to the cold, I’ve decided to make it daily. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be cardio and Tuesday, Thursday will continue the existing strength training. Strength training will remain as it is, the boys need to build up proficiency in those basic moves.

For cardio, I have decided to do H.I.T., or High Intensity Training. It requires only twenty minutes, and it can be done anywhere. You alternate a single minute at an easy pace with a single minute at your peak to a total of 10 cycles. It does not take much to raise my heart rate, but my plan is to use my stairs, jogging on the spot, and maybe knee lifts. The boys can do jumping jacks and burpees, till I can teach them some other jazzy moves.

The other addition will be ski lunches with Dad. Just north of us the snow is quite deep, but here we are still showing patches of grass. Once we have a base, on Friday’s we will have lunch with their Dad and go cross country skiing with him in the park by his work. This depends on the weather, but within a few weeks we should have enough stable sow to go.

Its a simple plan, the changes fit with the new schedule. I’ll let you know how it goes mid-month.


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