Posted by: cmittermeier | January 15, 2015

Mid January check in

They say that change takes work, and boy is it true. Lets review how things have gone so far…

Getting back into the school routine has been a bit more difficult than I expected, only now in week two are we getting back into a smooth routine. My original idea of doing HIT fitness has not worked out, but, the routine has not hit its fully stride so I’m not giving up just yet. We have managed to do some physical activity every day, and yesterday the boys went straight into the strength training with no dilly dallying. It was a nice clean workout! Today we went for an indoor walk, and though it was shorter than I would have liked it was a start. Next time I have to remember to take a bag to put our coats in. We should be able to do this every Wednesday.

Eating, on the other hand, has gone even better than planned! I have been able to stay within reasonable amounts each day, and when I wanted a more snack type food I was able to use measured amounts and exchange it for my main meal. My son’s birthday party was easier than I could have imagined. We skied during the day (downhill, not very labour intensive) and dinner was portioned. The cake was a chocolate zucchini cake that my son helped me make. He adores it and has been having a small piece every day. We keep it down in the cold room so I am not tempted.

Spiritually, because our routine has not fully returned I haven’t had time in the morning to get to the chapel but I have been saying my morning prayers at home. The boys and I are doing the “90 Day Bible Challenge” as part of school (so as we are not doing Saturday and Sunday it will be much longer than 90 days). We have been fairly consistent saying the Student’s Prayer they got in their stocking and even saying the Angelus in the afternoon is slowly getting more routine and less forced. I do miss my chapel time though.

But has it paid off? Are we noticing the scale go down? Are our clothes getting looser? Yes, our scales are going down, consistently so in my case. My husband is over all going down, but he goes up a bit on the some weekends. My clothes are definitely fitting better, I forgot to ask my hubby. Slow and steady seems to be working.



  1. Hi lady… I’m back and so happy to find u still here. I look forward to catching up on all your posts over time. LOL Bridgette

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