Posted by: cmittermeier | January 19, 2015

When you fall off a horse, get back up again

This weekend I lost too much sleep, engaged in a months worth of socialization over three days, and fell off the wagon. When my husband came back, I was feeling pretty darn low. We talked over the difficult stuff that comes when one reconnects with 80% of your friends all at once, eventually handing off to God the stuff we know we cannot change and strategizing over the things we did have control over.

Though I felt wrapped up in the moment, I did not fall prey to the guilt of bad choices. I did not perpetuate the cycle. My husband reminded me, both in words and with hugs to just get back on the horse. Once your brain has tasted processed carbs, the temptation does not just go away. I have had some difficult choices to get back on the horse today, but I made almost all of the right ones.

I will not know the full damage that was done till Friday. Though I weigh myself daily, I know that the 4 pounds that came on over night is not fat. The inflammation in my joints and the bloat come just as quickly, and will take a while to dissipate but they will.

I fell prey to fatigue and frustration, two things that in small doses I have been able to successfully rely on God not food to get through. This time I know the dose was far too large, obviously the training has gone to the next level. I will have to mentally prepare more for those situations. I’ve decided I’m going to do more journaling around my frustrations. In the past it has helped a great deal, but my private journals have gone untouched since starting homeschool. It is a tool I should turn to again.


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