Posted by: cmittermeier | January 26, 2015

LIVESTRONG – my plate

In the past I have been deficient in B12 and D, and today when researching them a bit more I ended up on the LIVESTRONG community. In general, I like their information and have used some of their beginner exercise videos. I was vaguely aware of their “My Plate”, a tracking program similar to When surfing today, I found out that they now have full programs – meal plans, exercise plans that work with the My Plate app.

I have decided that while I wait for the blood work I might as well change it up slightly. Though I weight and measure everything, I don’t track it anymore because I eat basically the same things every week. A friend pointed out that I might be slipping because I am not logging, and so I will try and log my food and exercise. I have been wanting some new vegetarian ideas, so their menu facility will be greatly appreciated. If I understand the program correctly, every day there will be a workout video, and so the boys and I used our PE period to do the first one.

I enjoyed the video, though I was not able to participate fully, it was easy to follow along. I was slower on just about everything, and had to adapt only a few exercises that I just do not yet have the strength for, but overall, it was doable. My youngest adored the positive reinforcement and kept echoing the trainer – “Yes you CAN Mommy! You CAN DO IT”. It will be easy to incorporate it into our daily routine, it takes a bit longer than our PE period, but not by much.

It will take a bit to get used to logging my food, but I was happy to find that many of my regular choices had already been entered into their database – and verified.



  1. Good morning… I need to start back logging my food choices so I’m going to check out these two sites thanks for sharing. I do much better when I log my food because portion control is the key to weight loss. I don’t know if you know this… but I was a vegetarian for 3 years and I wish I would have remained one because I felt much better before I started eating meat again. I don’t know if I’m going to go back to total vegetarian but my body doesn’t processed meat well so I am definitely going to limit my intake and make my primary diet vegetarian. If you got any good recipes please share because I wasn’t getting enough protein when I was a vegetarian that was the key problem with me. Thanks 4 the websites… home sick so will check out today. ~bridgette

    • I will see if I can send you the link for the curried red lentils, I got that recipe from From cook books I have found a mustard lentil dish with walnuts & soy sauce, a maple ginger bean recipe, a bean & rice Mexican style, and two other web favorites – “Medieval Times vegetarian stew” (google it, you’ll find it) and three bean chili. The easiest way to get in my protein isn’t the recipes, it was adding 1/2 cup of beans (or chickpeas) to my salads at lunch.

      • I will Google… thank u. ~bridgette

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