Posted by: cmittermeier | January 26, 2015

Time to call in the doc

I am an intelligent person, most of us are. Last weekend I had eaten a moderate amount of stuff I should not have. I knew it would impact both my real weight and my inflammation, with the inflammation showing first. After five days of very clean eating the inflammation weight went away, and instead of the four pounds it was closer to two that remained. As a mathie, I know I did not eat an extra 7000 calories, the supposed number a pound of fat contributes. Looking over the entire month the picture makes even less sense. Though I ate diligently for most of January and have been consistent with more movement and strength training, I have only a half to a single pound loss.

I have been pondering most of the weekend these facts. Something is not making sense. About 18 months ago, when I went vegetarian I followed Dr. Ferber’s plan to ensure I got enough protein in. Not only did it improve my health, but I lost some weight. When my father-in-law passed away, I gained a bit back that I have been wrestling with ever since. My weight losses are minimal, and easily regained with any slip or intake of processed food. Something just does not make sense. After my wedding 18 years ago my husband and I went on weight watchers and I lost forty pounds and I can tell you I was no where near as diligent with my food as I am now. Something’s is wrong and I refuse to believe that because I am over forty it is impossible to loose weight.

I have been sitting on a blood work requisition for over two months, and in light of my January effort versus January results, I will try and get it done tomorrow morning. It is time to bring in the medical team, this just does not add up. Beyond the regulars, thyroid and anemia, any suggestions on what I should look for?


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