Posted by: cmittermeier | January 28, 2015

family exercise has arrived!

This week the boys and I have started doing the workouts from LIVESTRONG, The STRONGER program. Yesterday we realized we can’t do it in the morning, when we used to do Phys. Ed. It is too exhausting, and instead of our twenty minutes it takes longer. My son asked if we could have Dad do it with us. When we discussed when to move it to we realized if we left it at the end of the school day her would be able to. We had a bit of technical stuff to work around, my son put it up on the big screen instead of the small iPad screen and we are a bit short of space… But we made it work!

Today we did the workout as a family. Tomorrow is papers, so the boys and my hubby will not be working out with me but Friday we should be back at it. It felt amazing to do it together, to have their Dad being the example. The family that exercises together, laughs together!


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