Posted by: cmittermeier | January 29, 2015

Bummed out

On Monday when I posted that it was time to get my (overdue) blood work done, part of me was really hopeful that my friends comment was right… maybe I was just sneaking in extra calories. I would much prefer that I was the one to change, that it is not medical. I haven’t gone for that bloodwork because I really got my hopes up! I even upped the exercise, just to see if I could get the scale to move. I won’t know how that works till Monday, BUT, today I was really bummed out because tracking has revealed that I really am eating where I should be – around 1,400 calories.

Monday was the only day when I was not able to eat what I normally do. I had an appointment at the dinner hour, so I substituted my dinner for an early smoothie thinking I’d grab something small when I got back. I don’t know if it was the chia seeds or what, but when I got home (at eight) I was still stuffed. My intake was lower because of this, around 1150. My normal dinner would have included another 200 calories. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I ate no differently than I normally would. The calorie counts were: 900, 1300, & 1500. Today was the only dinner where I sort of faked the logging, I couldn’t find the recipe for my curried lentils to enter and I didn’t take the time to properly enter my baked potatoe or my frozen veggies. I have to point out, I eat a LOT of vegetables. Three cups of cabbage at lunch, or six-seven cups of lettuce with a cup of heavy veggies (cucumber, tomatoes) in a salad for lunch is pretty standard. A half cup of beans or a single ounce of cheese is my lunch protein and on all three days my macronutrients reached the goal bar. I’ll eat two cups of veggies at dinner easily, just so you know, thats about what it takes to fill up half a plate the way you are supposed to. I do not often have room for more food. My snacks, just in case you’re curious are an apple with nuts if I didn’t have my fruit with breakfast and a kashi granola bar (150 calories, some fibre, some protein). Especially on Tuesdays I tend to get a lot more veggie bang for my buck, its Mexican nights and that mean lots of peppers and they are very low in calories but wonderfully filling.

Over the past few years I’ve work hard on refining my routine eating. I weigh and measure everything, and I am very cognizant of knowing the value of my food (not just calories but macronutrients and micronutrients). I was really hoping I had just slipping into some know-it-all-over-confident zone. That I can change! Seeing the numbers stare back at me… it really bummed me out. The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to follow up on medical stuff… the more annoyed I get at even the thought of having to take pills… by having to rely on blood work to figure out what is going wrong means facing just that. My brain churns… what could the problem be? What test do I have to make sure I get? It could be my thyroid, it could be low B12 (you need B12 for the thyroid to work and its a very common one for vegetarians to be deficient). B12 is what I am hoping for, I have no problem supplementing that. The health benefits of taking out the meat are well worth that trade off. But all the other reasons are things I don’t want to face. Not to mention tracking these things down is rarely that simple.

So yeah, I’m bummed. Now I really do have to make that appointment to get the blood work done and get things started. Sigh.



  1. Go to the doctor -and- get the blood work done. You’re so on point about your eating regimen that there’s little room for error. You should really be dropping the pounds. I’m at a loss. ~bridgette

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