Posted by: cmittermeier | February 2, 2015

Small steps, bad days, the final goal

Today we got nearly a foot of snow, and all my boys friends and cousins had snow days. Though I woke up with energy and drive, it soon evaporated as the “SNOW DAY,” mentality hit my boys. We did a bit of work before I realized they were just not here and even my mental focus was sliding. I talked it over with my hubby, who was working from home. After clearing the drive, they were allowed to have a snow day.

I wasn’t sure how to take this, feelings of guilt, the ‘you’re so behind’ voice in my head combined with the ‘how will they ever learn how to work in the face of distractions, the world is full of distractions…’ And I was feeling pretty low. Combined with the fatigue a snow day seems to bring out in all of us and the temptation to eat cookies and hot chocolate came to a head.

I decided instead to have a chocolate cherry soy milk shake, sweetened with dates. As I finished it and set it down I realized how far I had come, my bad day go to has changed. Sure I still have some major slip ups, but my regular flop days do not seem to end in binging. I set out on this path over five years ago, it was the change my entire lifestyle and today is proof those lifestyle choices are working.

When I realized that, my view of the kids not being able to focus on a snow day didn’t seem so bad. Yes, they are behind. Yes, we need to keep trying to work and increase their ability to focus, but, it won’t happen overnight. Just as I have proven to myself that the long term goal of making small changes does work, so it will for them. I just need to have some faith.


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