Posted by: cmittermeier | February 24, 2015

Aspartame Sexuality. 

Today I attended a painfully small rally to try stand against the new Sex-Education curricullum that the Ontario government is trying to implement in schools this September.  As a homeschooling Mom, it does not effect terribly much what I teach my children, but it bugs me to no end that other parents should not be given the same rights that I do.  As our small group very noisily stood outside Queens park, inside the debate got heated.  As one opposition MPP went against the premier he was accused of being homophobic… on countless websites people echo his statements… parents like us are homophobic, stone-age, one suggested we’ve never owned a computer or know of the internet.

This blog is where I normally write about how my faith has helped my physical journey towards a healthy lifestyle.   There is a little problem with following Jesus and applying his priniciples, its a whole package, we don’t get to pick and choose.  He warned us we would be hated, afterall, he was hated first.  Yet, as the attacks on those of us who don’t want our schools to teach children the aspartame version of sexuality start, I so wish I could say Jesus only applied to my workouts, to my eating.

I would like to explain why I call their curriculum the aspartame version of sexuality.  I’m a caveman, antiquited, I beleive sexuality is about reproduction.  Its about doing fun stuff that some of the time results in a baby.  They want to teach them “safe respectful sex”.  Its about doing whatever is fun, just making sure you had your partners permission and that no one gets pregnant out of it.  Taking the natural consquence out of sexuality to me is like taking the natural consequence out of a sweet taste.  Its like aspartame.  All the sweet fun, none of the calories, right?  Just like aspartame, we are experiencing the consequences of choosing a substitute for the real good.  Every year 300,000 abortions are done in Ontario.  Abortions carry huge risks of scarring and the possibility of permanent damage that would result in a woman never being able to carry a child again.  Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, as our strokes and heart attacks in young women who were never told it could be a complication of the pill.  We have a huge increase in infertility, and though the research is solidly there to show that it is a consequence of various forms of birth control, people refuse to beleive it.  Its like aspartame – all the sweet goodness, all the hidden problems.

I have been told that to try and teach my children to wait till they are married to have sex is putting my head in the sand and ignoring that they will do it anyway.  We need to show them how to do it without getting pregnant or put in jail for rape because they are going to do it.  That is like me saying I need to teach my son how to take his bloodsugar and when to use metformin because he’s going to overeat on sweets and will never develop the self-discipline to engage in healthy practices.  Its only natural that he indulge his sweet tooth, so what if food provides nutrition, lets face it, its yummy and that’s all that matters in people’s minds.  Biology be damned, its all about having fun.

For thousands of years the majority of people exhibited self-control over their sexuality.  We mock muslims when they explain their women are covered so as to not arouse their men, and point out that wearing pants and a t-shirt does not mean you get to loose control.  Why does your arguement against muslims stop to work with your children and their special someone?  Why have you given up the fight?  Because some sitcom said it was okay, that everyone does it, that it is consequence free?

How I wish self-control, the right use of good things was limited to sugar and food… but its not.  I will be attacked for following Jesus’ hard line.  When the woman caught in adultry was put in front of him we all remember the famous line, “then neither do I condemn you” and forget his parting words, “Go and SIN no more.”  He didn’t say to her she didn’t do anything wrong, he said you were sinning, now STOP it.  Sin no more – get it.  I would so like to be a cafeteria catholic and pick and choose the rules I want, but I can’t.  I will be attacked.  I will be mislabeled homophobic, I will be labeled as a caveman, I will loose friends for a time.  Hopefully we’ll make up when all is said and done and unto ash we have all returned.


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