Posted by: cmittermeier | February 26, 2015

Getting caught in a swirl of lies

I am pretty serious about my faith, I do my best to learn about it, apply it, and be corrected by it.  My confession list is getting mighty huge at this point because I am not fighting the lies that come at me and I’m turning to sinful choices as a result.  When caught in a swirl of fear this afternoon I turned to food to numb myself.  I even for a moment considered giving up totally on taking care of myself to hasten my demise… it was a really stupid afternoon folks!  For my binge, I ate nuts as if they were soon to be rancid.  In terms of poor choices, I’d say it was mediocre.  Far better than straight sugar and carbs, but due to the high good fat content, not so great for my desire to loose weight, though my blood vessels may be happy for a bit.

I have to get better at not getting caught up in these whirls!  Fear should not be a call to food!  I need to start saying my St. Micahel prayer card targetted to addictions.  These were emotions I did not have to go through, not some necessary grief.  I need to do a better job of resisting them.  My first reaction to them was that I caused a migraine, then later the binge.  This is so incredibly stupid!

There are legitimate difficult emotions that we all need to go through, but then there is stuff we bring upon ourselves that comes only from imagination.  Oh, there is always a hint of truth to start it off, but after that it is simply a flight of fancy that leads us off into sin.  Question every spirit we are told and the last few days I have not been doing that at all… I’ve been nodding my head from start to the end-bite.  Time to make changes, this pattern is not one to repeat.

So, I’ll pray for you, you pray for me and together we’ll move closer to that wonderfully narrow path.


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