Posted by: cmittermeier | February 27, 2015

I can, and I will

Talk about a moment of grace!   Today, God answered the whimpered prayers that came out of my failings with a lot of big smiley moments.  Though much shorter, my time in the chapel was amazing.  Going back from that, just getting out of bed (its part of my Lenten resolution) seemed to come with a smile and pat on the back.  But the one I really want to share with you is this one: I can and I will.  

You see, my husband and I were doing a series of exercise videos from livestrong and the motto of the trainer is, “I can and I will”.  That was the last bit of January and the first week of February.  They were great, we both really liked them.  Then life got busy (trust me folks, you do not exercise when prepping for a colonoscopy) and we were not able to restart it.  All week long I’ve been asking for help in getting back into that routine, but this was not the week to try it.  Every day there have been way too much stuff!  Everything from appointments, my husband had a deadline at work that has him putting in extra hours, I’ve had migraines, new braces that hurt way worse than the last set… it was not the week to carve out time.  So, as I reach Friday and reflect on the fact that once again we did not get a single workout in, in a random way the line “I can and I will” floats past me.

Actually, I can’t say it just floated past me.  It was in small type.  It was placed at the bottom of an email with much more obvious text to catch the eye.  It was nearly the last bit of information the designer was intending to pass along.  With all that, it was one of the first things I saw and it held my gaze for so long it seemed like the rest was designed to funnel me to it, to make sure I saw it.  It jumped out at me, smiled right at me and winked.  

Today is hopefully the last packed week for a bit.  I have only one appointment next week, to meet the new neurologist.  My weekends will be swampish for March, but the weekdays will allow us to return to a proper routine.  We can, and we will rewrite our lifestyle to include that higher level of exercise.  I can, and I will.  


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