Posted by: cmittermeier | April 19, 2015

Easter means NEW LIFE

Easter, not Christmas, is the highest point in the Christian calendar because quite frankly, birth is part of the natural order of things while rising from the dead – conquering death – much, much, much greater.  I think that is why I so adore how much longer the Easter Season is, Christmas only gets a short bit, but Easter gets lots more, FIFTY FULL DAYS! Yeah, we trudged through 40 penitential days of lent to get here, but the feast lasts much longer 🙂  New Life, that is worth both working for (lent) and celebrating! (Easter)  It, the Easter promise of true new life, is what keeps us from giving up on those difficult long term goals in life.

The table at my door will remain decorated for Easter till Pentecost, and each day I have decided I will enjoy a single chocolate.  Now I just need to find a bag of small eggs for my sons, as they have now both devoured all of theirs, this time around I’ll be the one handing them out to them.  They aren’t quite at that place to ration out for 50 days.  But aside from this tiny bit of feast, I want to point out a few little things that have whispered to me this Easter.

Unlike Christmas, whose official date is not listed and was set by the church for various reasons to be December 25th, Easter’s date was determined by God.  Read Exodus folks, Moses did not randomly set the date of the Passover, and the Jewish authorities who knew full well the significance of the festival could have held their horses, but nope, the prophecy came, “It was Caiaphas who had counseled the Jews that it was better that one man should die rather than the people” John 18:14. This date has divine significance, and all around me I feel it.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in the southern hemisphere for this, but, lets be honest, the southern hemisphere doesn’t have our winters either, at least so says wikipedia.  Not sure it matters, God speaks in the language of the listener, and I’m a Canadian.  Moreover, the last two winters here in Toronto have been a wee bit colder with more snow than I was used to.  That is the experience to which God’s voice was whispering the significance of the date.

This Lent we fasted in a very different way, shortly in to lent our basement flooded.  Everything had to be moved out while repairs began.  We fasted from: a basement, a living room, and half our bedroom.  All was complete and moved back… Easter Saturday.  This weekend, I moved the last of the debris from our porch, garage in to the van.  It all goes to different places, some recycling zones, and as this afforded us an opportunity to sort through our storage areas some will go to reuse centers, but yes, some will have to go to the dump.  Our spaces have all been reorganized, there is a bit of a new look to our house and to my outlook.

We are now used to working just that bit harder, my son put in a solid five hours of labour yesterday helping me load the van, change over the front entry from winter to summer, doing some spring cleaning – and never once did he run off, complain, or enter into the “are we done yet?” mantra.  “Project Saturdays” as I knew them growing up have become a reality and with them, a great deal of new life for our little patch of life.  My son’s “New Life” as a helper and hard worker has begun.

Last Saturday, we cleared the front yard.  Dead grass was raked up, leaves and plants that should have been taken up last fall were cleared away.  This week, the buds on our chokecherry have opened, and the shoots of the perennials are tantalizing our eyes. Our school lessons were done mainly in our back yard where the sounds of the birds courting their ladies helped reward our efforts.   Natures new life surrounds me, and with it a chance to return to my own new life.

Right up till Holy Week I had been getting in frequent walks, to ensure I returned to it I brought in the help of a friend on my street.  Though I’ve been slowly returning to healthier eating, the urge to cook up and freeze my daily portions (which have all run out over lent) has returned.  Its time to cook up that ham bone into pea soup for my husband.  New life in my kitchen routine is soon to come…

All around me my Lord’s resurrection is mirrored in my world – creation echoing the creator.  Truly Magnificent!



  1. “God speaks in the language of the listener.” Well stated… Brïdgêtté

  2. Happy Monday morning… hope all is well 4 U -and- your family. Have not seen a new post from u in a while but I’ll keep checking. Sometimes we just need a break from our blog “God knows I’ve done it enough times.” However… I’ll be happy to read your insightful posts once again. Brïdgêtté

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