Posted by: cmittermeier | June 14, 2015

Are you ready for Summer?

Every season has their catch phrases, and June’s is, “Are you ready for Summer?”.  The first few times you hear it the common response is, “Its almost here!  This year just flew by.” and the like, but they get your wheels turning.  Like January, with its call to a fresh start, and Easter’s reminders of just how a restart is made possible, June brings a time of reflection and planning.  Are you ready for Summer…

For kids nowadays, are you ready for summer means something very different than it did for many of us.  Back then summer meant work – a different kind of work than school, but work none the less.  You didn’t have to live on a farm to know weeding the vegetable garden was a never ending loop, and, come mid July that the never ending loop came with benefits… the first fruits.  You knew it meant a lot more laundry as every last item in every single cupboard had to be washed, aired, ironed, folded an put away.  On that front I had a bit of a break, my Mom loved doing the laundry so all I ever got to do was fold and put away.  Shortly after those first fruits came the kitchen work… blanching, canning jams and pickles.  Unlike school work it certainly did not feel like work though.  It was outdoors!  It had great payback, there is nothing like the instant feedback of tasting the first peas and carrots.  You rolled the carrot in the lawn to get the dirt off and ate it right up to the green.

As a teen, are you ready for summer meant had you picked the movies you wanted to see and had you gotten your summer job.  Real, paying, resume building jobs!  It was liberating to say the least.  Every few weeks we’d have a paycheck, mostly to save, but part of it was allowed to be spent at the local movie theater or maybe a rental from the video store.  Most of the time we spent our evenings talking, rediscovering the underlying rules of the universe for ourselves.  We still had to do all that work that we did as kids, but it went so fast we didn’t even really realize we were doing it.  I’d vacuum, dust, clean the washrooms of my Mom’s house each Friday night before heading out with a friend.  As a child, that took most of Saturday with all five of us working at it!

…and so the progression continued…  To this day, much of those early summer routines have stayed with me, but I no longer look for a summer job, and some new things have been added.

Are you ready for summer is more about planning and executing now.  Is our time away set up?  Have I decided what I want to do for exercise?  How do I need to tweak my schedule – more time here, less time there?  What scholarly stuff do we need to keep up?  July is generally a great month for my health initiatives, my eating is always better.  The sunlight makes a huge different, even exercise is easier to get in.  

It has meant hard look at my commitments, and where I need to put some time and I have made some serious decisions.  I will make better use of my evenings, Monday’s will be working on a homeschool initiative that is dear to my heart, some newbie guides to homeschooling and working on helping to develope the catholic homeschool links in my metropolitan area.  We should not be so hard to find, new people should not need to rely on this much divine inspirations to find the links.  The networks are there, we just need to develop better pathways between them.  Tuesday’s will find me working on some stuff for the CWG, I’ll tell you about that later. I very much want to get back to regular posting, but that will take an afternoon… My boys will need some school work in the summer but a full day everyday.  We all need a bit of fun time in the summer months and for me that is writing.

Just as you got your hopes up, this won’t start till Mid July. The first two weeks are visitors and visiting, but I promise to get a bit of writing as I find a way to get in an old love. Swimming.  


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