Posted by: cmittermeier | June 29, 2015

Summer weekly goals, June 28- July 4

I have been reading faithful fitness every week for the last three weeks.  She is a fitness teacher I saw on Bostons Catholic TV, and though my knees don’t have the range of motion to do many of her workouts, she impresses me.  On her bog, she put out a challenge to make weekly doing goals, in areas of faith, food, and fitness, instead of results based goals.  I like the idea, and will try it.

Tomorrow my boys and I will finish up 90 days through the bible and our world history course I (up to the fall of the Roman Empire, course was for elementary students).  We started both in January and it has hit me like a tonne of bricks that to get in 90 daily readings it took us six months!  Our average was every second day, but we were aiming for every weekday, really, this was the first thing we did “everyday”.  Life happens, as every teacher can attest, and so if I am to average working out every second day I will have to aim for everyday!  That was a heck of a wake up call even for my “aim higher than the target” mentality.  So, my goal is to get in exercise everyday.

Food wise, I have to get some cooking in and make some big leaf salads up.  I need to portion out my nuts so I stop eating too many in a day, and, I think I need to make a batch of popcorn each day so I have something to munch on once those nuts get shrunk.

My faith goal is to keep on working on daily rosary with my son (his goal, but as every parent can attest, a child’s goal rests more on your perseverance when they are young), and my daily prayers.  I seem to have slipped away from my morning set and I want to end that trend.

I will try to do this every Monday, but I’m curious, what would your doing goals be?


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