Posted by: cmittermeier | July 2, 2015

Some days just throw you a curve ball, and every so often we hit it back out of the park!

I have a few days to myself, and like far too many people, that means I start it with a to-do list that far exceeds the time alotted.  knowing this means I tend to roll with most situations that come along pretty well.  Yesterday, however, I spent a substantial part of the day with the dizzies.  Every so often my inner ear just goes all out of whack and I’m stuck moving very slowly, often holding my head at odd angles to keep my brain from thinking I am riding a rollar coster.  This curve ball was reaching my limit of coping, so I did what all sick people do these days.  I hit google.

I am so glad I did!  Yes, I tried a few things and the last one made such a huge impact I had to share.  Rocking.  Yes, you read correctly, more movement helped!  The article basically said that by giving our brains proper, expected input, it was able to weed out the mis-information and stop listening to the spinning. Rocking is one of mankinds most basic movements, especially to calm the nervous system.   It worked like a charm.  I have not had any issues since, and often my vertigo attacks last three to five days.  

Now if only all those curve balls had magic answers, but they don’t.  Sometimes, like I spoke of a few posts back, we just have to keep on pushing through.  The last few days I have been quite thankful I do not have cookies, chips, and other temptations in the house.  Between the vertigo and other annoyances, I have been back in temptation training and, as always, I wish there was a better way.  You know me, the reluctant penitent.  Every day has battles, be it the difficulty in aiming for exercise every day or just old fashioned “i wanna cookie” and “ice cream, take me away” voices, I don’t get to log many days as easy.  They change too, ever find that? Thats why I call them curve balls.  You know the pitch is going to come, but its not always the one you expect.  

I’ve started to realize I have to be ready for just about anything.  Practicing basic strategies, like keeping garbage out of the house, cover many possibilities, so be smart and follow through on the pantry clean out all the web sites suggest.  Prayer is one of those basics you have to have at the ready, it too covers a wide range of things.  Confession is a huge one, and yes, I will be trying to arrange for confession this weekend.  I really do need to go every week, especially with that new examination of conscience I found.  Man, have I screwed up this week!  Even if its not food related, all things are connected.  If I don’t nip these things in the bud, they will translate to my food, and my exercise.  Give a nasty a foot hold, and he will take down your whole wall, brick by brick.  Time to rebuild some bricks, shore up the defences.  Confession, Prayer, Practice… if I work on those, it won’t just be my vertigo curve balls that get knocked out of the park.


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