Posted by: cmittermeier | July 4, 2015

Engaging the Unengaged.

In my other blog, whose focus on is on being a Catholic Wife, Mother, and now Homeschooler, I wrote a blog post last night that has come out of my personal ponderings this week not so much on the supreme court decision, but the reactions (including my own, and all I will tell you is that my confession list grew).  If you are interested, here’s the link.  After writing it, I was caught up in how various currents in the world bring normally completed unrelated people and issues side by side having to discourse in things they never expected to.  I pondered how to understand it in light of of one of the fundamental truths I have found in my relationship with Christ – its personal.  

We all know the emotional nature of this journey, and because of that we all know not to reach out to someone unless called to do so.  They may not be ready to look at their weight issue.  They may be starting to look at their weight issues, but not ready to face the word sin.  They may be ready to face those, but not in a public manner… the cautions could fill many pages.  Yet, we all know that there are moments when we see a place to engage, and the question becomes how.  

The discussions around same sex attraction are much the same.  They are emotionally charged, they deal with the battle against hedonism, and the enemy will use very similar tactics in our debates.  

This week I was reminded, after the fact of course, that before we engage the discussion to ask God to guide you into it.  His Call will not come without his guidence, as it is written in the Gospels, we are not to prepare our own testimony for he will give us the words. 

When you see people struggling with similar issues – weight, sex, sloth – God is there to help, and we can cooperate with him, or work against him (even if we mean to try and work with him).  So before you engage, PRAY!  Come Holy Spirit Come, fill me and let me be the vessel you shine through… and then listen before you leap.


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