Posted by: cmittermeier | July 27, 2015

15th Year of Ornith’s Reign, 1720 IYL

Three years had passed since the People’s Princess had been born, and she was a bright young girl.  Ornith spent little time with her, but the Queen and her were inseparable.  On the few times Ornith was at court, he would take her on a round of city, showing her off and milking the people’s love of a child for all it was worth.  He had to, in the five years since his son had been born too many truths were beginning to surface and his popularity needed something if a revolt was not to occur.  

It had become common knowledge that the Tannen’s were not going to invade, and so the increase in the western army was now openly discussed.  The taxes had continued to increase, almost with a threat “if you don’t want us to USE that army, you’ll give more” and no one could explain where all the money was going.  Instead of the quadrants being mostly independent, with the King and Queen acting as a bridge and centralizing them, most suspected Ornith wanted domination over all quadrants and had started with the west.  

As Duke Boren had not appeared publically in some time, rumours that Ornith had killed him the way he had his own father were the norm.  The Pastorals knew differently, Boren had removed himself from display for a variety of reasons including the political play against Ornith.  It had been long suspected that Boren did want total domination, and that he was playing Ornith as a pawn to be sacrificed to ensure public sympathy when he did made his move.  It was generally felt that he was living in the dungeons, ready to make a grand entrance as the imprisoned Lord, after Ornith had seized the other kingdoms and united them of course.

Ornith, on the other hand, was counting on his heir to ensure public sympathy.  He wanted the People’s Princess and the Heir to hold the hearts of the people, while he the purse and power.  He had fifteen years to accomplish the unification of the Kingdoms, fifteen years to build his stronghold in the west so that none could defeat him, and most importantly, blame it all on Lord Boren in time for the Royal Wedding to focus all good will back on him.  

And so, Ornith walked the streets with his daughter, planting falsehoods with every handshake.  Lord Boren this, Lord Boren that, hints of treason, discussions over which would be better – to pull out of the west and let Boren grow unchecked, remaining here with his darling child and wife whom he misses so much, or to put the people first and try, once again, to stay and reign in the power hungry Duke. Talk of the Duke’s son, a few years older than his own, hopes and prayers the son falls far from the tree, or at least rolls sufficiently far away.

But every so often, Ornith could not help but be himself.  During one such conversation, his daughter had begun to play with a child of similar age, though obviously a much poorer class.  As they began to move away, Marrey, the People’s Princess, handed her doll to the child.  Ornith scooped the doll out of the girls hands, reprimanding his daughter for throwing pearls to swine.

“But Father,” Marey was confused, “I have plenty and she has none, are we not to share?  Momma was always happy when I did.”

“When you share the right things,” the King realized he would have to be more careful, “That doll would be of more help if they sold it, giving them food for a year or more – but she was a child, she would grow fond of it and it would cause great pain if they needed to sell it.  Instead of helping the family, you would have caused greater pain.”

“Why don’t we share our food then?” the child had never considered that people could be without food.

“Move along child,” the King turned to those around him, “if only life were as simple as a childs vision.”


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