Posted by: cmittermeier | July 29, 2015

Heat Wave Hindrance

Oh my, I am Goldilocks. We came to do some projects around the outside of the house, but the heat wave has limited us to working early in the morning and after dinner.  By the time I’ve done as much as I could before dark I’m exhausted and dripping with sweat, though the evening temperatures are workable, it has still be in the mid twenties (before humidex).  I have not gotten in a single walk, though I am certainly getting off my duff!

Right now the temperature, according to the weathernetwork app on my machine is 34, before humidex, closer to 40 once that is factored in.  Today we finally have a breeze, a whopping 16km/hr.  The last two days we have virtually no wind with the speed in single digits.  Thank goodness the AC is working well and that the house is well shaded.  There was no morning work shift, it started out far too hot to even consider it.

Monday and Tuesday I did go out to the bay with my boys, it is amazing and we all enjoyed it a great deal.  Today I am too tired, not to mention that the heat has me quite leary.  My youngest son is very sad, he would have loved to have another romp.  Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. 

As I don’t sleep well without my hubby, fatigue is setting in.  That means I want to eat to wake up.  Lots to battle…  I am hoping the little bit of a lay down I took was sufficient and that I can stray no further.  I made banana muffins for my mother-in-law, but with splenda (she is diabetic and likes artificial sweetners).  They taste very good and I have been eating them though I normally avoid artificial sweetners.  Between not getting out for a walk and this I decided I need to reconnect with my goals, with the reasons I’m trying to stay on track.

  • It is not for a smaller set of clothes
  • It is not for a prettier sillouette
  • It is to fight the good fight, though it comes in the guise of gluttony & sloth
  • It is to honour this body, this temple where I beg God the Holy Spirit to stay
  • It is to honour all those who will be impacted by my health
  • It is to honour myself, who ultimately pays first the costs of destruction

There we go, my reasons.  I will not change my goals for these days, I will continue.


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