Posted by: cmittermeier | July 31, 2015

Weekend Planning and Preparation

I am a glutton, chances are that if you are reading this blog you too battle that temptations to indulge, to live from one delicious bite to the next…

This morning, I woke up and quickly finished the work we came here to do.  The last bits of stain went on the deck, the furniture returned to their places, and most of the bits and bobs we used were put away.  Breakfast was celebratory, my boys excited as they could consider the next four days as Vacay! My Mother-in-law and I spent the entire morning sitting and talking, it was truly idyllic.  As we went in to get a few things on the go (laundry or one) before I ran to the store to pick up a few things I’d need for dinner, it began to hit me.

Vacay around here means food.  Treat food.  Dessert food available 24/7. Doritos & chips in the evenings, with “tidbit platters” (appetizers) served as the movie nights begin.

Just add to the temptation… we worked very hard all week through extreme temperatures (I’m actually not kidding, we were in a heat wave).  There are lots of things that add to temptation for me – fatigure, sadness – but success and celebration top my list.

Vacay and Cele-Bra-tion-Time, what a combo.  

I am going to have to get back to work.  I am going to plan and prepare, or else this weekend I will gain!

  • Objective one: minimize the “celebratory moments” 
  • Objective two: maximize the “good stuff”

I’ll ensure the breakfasts are more egg based, and that lunch is veggie heavey (and make sure we have lunch, often we skip it).  Afternoon snack, that’s when I tend to go to the 24/7 desserts, hmm, that is going to be hard.  Do I minimize and have “just one”?  Yup, I think I can.  It will only be available two of the three days, so yea, I can resist for two days.  I can also help my Mother-in-law get the veggie trays ready as substitutes.  Dinner is often normal and I’ll be able to ante up on the good stuff, I will have the most willpower to resist the desserts after dinner so that should be fine.  That leaves the movie nights.  I’ve got three nights…

I like movie night food…  The kids was nachos, and to be honest they aren’t that bad.  I meant to buy popcorn kernals today, dang, can’t believe I got distracted by getting the doritos.  ARGH!  Well, tomorrow there will be another store run, I’ll make sure someone buys a bag for me.  If I can do popcorn one night and nachos the other two I have a hope of resisting those doritos I bought for the others.

I promise to let  you know if I live up to the plan, but, in the mean time I ask for prayers.  I’m sure many of you will have challenges this weekend too, and so I’m starting my long weekend with prayers for you.  That’s the thing about gluttony, we aren’t to do this on our own, but by the grace of God and God works in and through us all.  You pray for me, I pray for you.



  1. Have a good weekend.

  2. Reading your blog posts make me a better person… no truly! I’m an imperfect creature trying my best, which most of the time fall short! Thanks 4 a post to which my mind and heart questions itself. brïdgêtté

    “That’s the thing about gluttony, we aren’t to do this on our own, but by the grace of God and God works in and through us all.” Quoted ↔ Mittermeier

    You pray for me, I pray for you.

    • Hey babe, we are two peas in a pod. Only you have cuter grandkids for the time being! Gimme a decade and I’ll challenge you on that one! Hugs!

      • This comment made me smile. Thank u.
        Bridgette NOTE: Can’t wait to compare those grandchildren in about 10 yrs! LOL

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