Posted by: cmittermeier | August 13, 2015

Like duh, if you’re going to log something’s you need a log!

Remember a while back when I talked about trying to walk everyday so that by the end of the year I would have an average of every second day? Last night when I came in from my third walk this week I wondered, what is my average at, only to realize I have not been logging my walks!  What a goof!

I thought about whether I would use software or my paper calendar and in the end decided to us my paper calendar where I keep track of the family stuff for homeschool.  Nothing special, just something to keep me accountable.  So, I marked this week which is all I can remember, though I now I walked last week, I can’t remember enough of it.  It is becoming part of my evening routine, once dinner is over I head out.  I like that. 

 I am generally quite tired, but, isn’t that the point, to push beyond my comfort zone? I thought about what I would log, was it easy, hard, a long walk or the short one?  I will let each day decide for itself what to log, at least for now.  I have to build the habit of loggin it first, but, what would you log from a walk?  Distance, time, those are easy, but what about fatigue? Incline? Enjoyment?  I need some advice!


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