Posted by: cmittermeier | August 16, 2015

Cleaning up and looking ahead, time for that seven day plan

It’s Sunday, the Sabbath.  Time to look back, enjoy the moment, and look ahead. Looking back, lots of room for improvement, so I will go over a few zones… Environment, personally physical, and spiritual.

Environmental!  My room needs a thorough cleaning, so as the Sabbath is made for man, not the other way around, I took a bit of time just now to work on my room. I can get a good chunk done, but not everything.  My bookcases are in need of spring cleaning, taking everything off, a good cleaning, that sort of thing, so it will move into the future as well as the present.  This week, I have room for it to be a priority. It is time for the yearly super clean, reorganization, and moment of peace that always follows a well cleaned space.

Physically, we are at the beginning of a heat wave that may last over two weeks.  We are in that rare time of the year where our AC is actually used.  Last week I walked every night, but with this heat wave I am going to try and walk in the morning.  I am also, gulp, going to suggest something unusual for the afternoons. We have a wii. Though we do not have a lot of games for it, I suspect there are a few that would get me moving.  As wii games are now quite cheap on the used market, I might even be able to find something to get me moving a bit faster.  I have been slowing moving back to better eating, but I need to push harder.  I know the portions I am allowed, and last week I was eating more.  I need to buckle down. It may even be a week where I should log my food.  I will consider that over the next few days.  I also need to be much more careful about what I eat as I allowed myself to enjoy a wonderful steak on Saturday at a wedding.  My body is not used to beef, and I went all out, so last night and today I had a bit of painful reminders that I made a  choice based on “moment on the lips” instead of the fuller impact.

Lastly, the thing that will keep it all together. My spiritual side.  Looking back, I really need confession. I have already asked for an appointment.  I have sent my sister the book, Cravings, that I have mentioned in earlier posts, so this week we might be able to start talking about it. I also need to get back to A Mother’s Rule of Life.  It has been hard to pick up for some reason.  I have been able to do my daily rosary, but I know I need to work more on my daily rule.  What do I prayerfully expect of myself?  I don’t know, it is time to get back to that book.

All three areas are intimately connected, planning for one will impact the other two.  Action in one should impact the other two, positively.  Take a moment, make use of the Sabbath, to set your goals. To set the course.  It is important to plan.  They will change, evolve as need be.  For all I know that morning walk may still be too hot. I will know tomorrow.  But, if I don’t set some goals for my behaviours and actions, I will waste valuable time and energy.  It does not take long to review your week, but it brings a lot of benefits.  I encourage you to set your seven day plan.


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