Posted by: cmittermeier | August 22, 2015

So hard to keep a weekend on track!

ARGH!  I am going to have to do some serious praying on my walk after lunch.  Its cottage time, and oh my how I want to let my guard down.  Lets go over the three basics: fitness, food, faith.

Yesterday was a busy day, so I didn’t get my walk in, so I’ve got four out of the five weekdays.  Getting in a walk while here is easy, but, it won’t be to the same intensity.  Family walks are more of a saunter than an exercise session.  That’s fine, consistency is a better goal.

Food is the issue… this is the land of chips, appetizer platters, dessert, and cookies on demand… by the grace of God I’ve managed so far this morning.  This is where my prayers will focus, to be satisfied and to be able to not focus on the temptation.

In terms of Faith, I’ve got to find time to get in my rosary, it is often hard in social situations to find a full fifteen minutes to oneself.  We will do mass today, so the graces will be flowing.  Other, shorter prayers are easier to keep going because in group settings there are always times when the conversation has moved away from you and in the privacy of your heart you can recite a few.

Hmm, so I guess I do have a plan.  Thanks God for the moment to figure that out.  Now, time to keep on praying so it stays in place.



  1. Such a wonderful heartfelt post… and also, I need a new rosary.

    One day, I pray to be as strong as you are in my faith.


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