Posted by: cmittermeier | October 4, 2015

Sunday, a time to reflect and look forward

Last week I let you know I wasn’t ready to start planning.  I’m not fully sure I am this week, but, I know I need to.  The moment I typed that I knew how to translate it: keep the goals DOABLE!

Faith – I will continue to attend daily mass.  I will try for one extra daily prayer around my health, and spend a bit more time reflecting on some thoughts from last night.

Fitness – I need to walk!  My only exercise this week was helping the newly-weds move, and it was a doozy.  I’ve got to walk.

Food – Well, the last two nights have included way too many chips so I need to work on finding weekend snack foods that satisfy.  My lunches need a bit of work (we really need to make the big salad for the week) and I need to make another pot of soup (it worked well last week, but only for me as I spiced it too much for my hubby), and I need to work a LOT on meal planning.  This last week I identified that in the afternoon I crave a salty snack, so I started eating pickles.  I was more successful in morning and afternoon snakcs, but, still, a bit of work will be needed to maintain (this is not fully habitualized).  Breakfast will need major prayers if I’m going to do the big switch back to smoothy, but I was able to go for something smaller and non-bread so that was good.  Trouble spots identified.  

Goals?  Priorities?  Meal planning is the big area I want to look at through the week.  Its a new school year and its time to work on that as a family.  I’ll have the newly-weds over this afternoon and will ask for assistance with the big salad.  If together we can make the soup and salad, I’ll be rocking for this week.  

I will check in on Saturday instead of Sunday, its Thanksgiving for us next week.  My Sunday will be too busy, as it is the first of the two family meals.  The second is on Monday, the newly-weds will feed us.  For the first time my husband & I have both sides of the family for Thanksgiving!   It makes me smile.  Thankfully neither one is a stuff till you puff type of meal.

Well cyber-space, thanks for being there to record my goals for this week.  It makes a difference to put them down, no matter how small they are.


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