Posted by: cmittermeier | November 9, 2015

When you can only do the minimum, what is on my list?

Well, turns out eating healthy and keeping active is, and yes folks, it surprised me.

My husbands work does not require frequent travel, but when it does require travel it is for extended periods. This time around it was for three weeks.  Knowing that the team would be missing a key player, we prepared a few things in advance and mentally I changed a few priorities around.  I had not looked ahead on food very much.  

More often than not, I rely on set meals that rotate and the same goes for snack foods.  The kids grab and go a package of welches fruit gummies or two to three cookies.  Well, with Halloween to remind me of how disorienting sugar leaves them, I decided enough was enough.  It’s gone.  I made cookies for my sons birthday, in lieu of cake as he likes, and afterwards they went straight to the freeZer.  The house is, once more, food clean.

It has had a very nice effect, I am not nibbling on that stuff either! Without my husband to help with stuff, I am also moving a great deal more.  Upstairs, downstairs, to the mailbox, garbage here, recycling there, litter scooping in various levels of the house, carrying laundry baskets, it’s a great way to keep on moving.  I am pretty sure he will enjoy the consequences of my good behaviour when he returns.

The last few days I have begun to pondering this, how when I had to focus on the bare bones, healthy living has made the cut.  I have only begun to understand what this means, and what it will mean when my husband returns.  

His trip has become a strange retreat for me, time away from the normal routine.  It has changed my prayer life, increased my daily conversations with God, in addition to the healthier living aspects.  Without my husband to physically lean on, I find myself reaching out to God much more for support.  Thought there have not been many stressful moments, because I am turning first to God, food is not filling that void when they do hit.  I did not intentionally set out to go to God before food, it was more, because I was turning to God, I have not had the need or urge to turn to food.

And now it is time for me to go to sleep, rest is also on that priority list.  My reflections are far from complete, I am sure more insights will continue to be revealed.  This is a time where I am most thankful to be a daughter of the most high God. Though certainly challenging, it has shown me that in the midst of it all, God is there to carry me, just as the author of footprints wrote.


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