Posted by: cmittermeier | January 12, 2016

Obedience, Coaching, and Weight Loss

If last year had one major theme for me, it would be obedience.  Though for years whenever I pictured myself in prayer I was often a rebellious teen, last year that aspect was front and centre.  My way, my will, not God’s will, and more often, not the will of my supervisor… And it was through those encounters that God kept pushing me to grow up.

I don’t have many situations where I am under direct supervision of others, so it really stood out that obdience was a huge road block.  In the oddest, gentlest way, it was either “be a hermit” or “learn to obey” PERIOD.  Make your choice.  Get back to me when you have.  

Slowly, things started to change inside. I am far, far, far from perfect obedience, but, in November and December I began to notice I wasn’t the same inside, and, more over, when I close my eyes and picture myself in prayer, I wasn’t that rebellious teen.

Obedience is an aspect of humility, an aspect of meekness. Just a reminder folks, make sure you know the real definition of meekness. Think of a stallion – though far stronger than a man, he submits to the reigns. That is meekness – power, under another’s control. By the middle of December, I had changed enough to recognize places in my life where I was now willing to be meek, to be just that bit more humble.

I have been coached before on weight loss, but, being that rebellious teen, I only let them coach so much.  In truth I was using them as encyclopedias, gathering more intel.  More often than not, their suggestions were met with a polite nod and dismissal as not appropriate for me.  One can only change so much, so quickly, for this to be sustainable it had to be gentle, slow was a great come back from me.

By the end of Christmas, God had lined enough things up, and the moment came where those changes in obedience were viewed in a different light – the light of my weight loss journey.  

I was ready to go whole hog.  It will require meekness – I do know a great deal about my body and that will need to be shared with the coach.  It will require humility – I need to do what she says to do.  It would have to be a program that would fit forever – a way of life I would do not just to loose the weight, but to maintain it.  I found it, a good mix of what I already knew I wanted for myself and things I didn’t know. (Really, it’s 97% what I knew I had to do and 3% new – see, still room for that humility to grow…). If I’m honest with myself, God found it for me years ago and has been slowly drawing me closer to it.  He reminded me of it about a month before I realized the obedience training had another use than volunteer work.  God is like super cool at whispering just loud enough at just the right time.

I went over the program today with my coach.  It has a lot of things I already do, but a few I don’t.  The next few days will be a little difficult, it’s a bit the queen at breakfast, pauper at dinner and so I’ll have to adjust a few dinners to accept no grains at that meal.  Thankfully, that is the only meal to get a major shift – though I am very glad she came up with a few breakfast ideas as I was getting a bit bored with mine.  I look forward to seeing the results next week when I weigh in, I suspect it will be bigger than I expected when I first met with them.

I will keep you posted how it goes.  


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