Posted by: cmittermeier | January 30, 2016

…and I hit the wall… Thankfully, I bounce

So last night I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I was worn out, exhausted mentally and physically. Just for once I wanted simple, not practicing a new recipe, an old one.  What was the slip at diner?  Breaded fish. Sole.  Grain at dinner, I’m going to get a circle on my food log.  In the evening we had family movie night, and I had a small bowl of popcorn.  Normally that would be a personal victory, keeping to a small serving.  This time around it means another circle.  The next morning I went off again… We wanted pancakes, so I made upside down Apple pancakes.  My serving included 2/3 tsp honey and 1 tablespoon sugar!  The pancake is a meringue, very light, low grain, high in protein, but, that’s a lot of sugar. More circles!

By lunch, I was rested and back on track.  Greek salad with pumpkin seeds and feta.  Dinner was fajitas, no wrap.  Stayed on track for the afternoon snack.  Made enough soup to last possible three weeks, including some great chicken broth that will be used to make chicken soup this week. Who-rah!

I won’t get weighed till Tuesday, I really have no clue if there will be any real slow down due to my breaded fish and morning pancakes. In the grand scheme of things, when I needed to go off, I only went to the shoulder of the road and did not fall off the cliff.  Being able to eat just that small amount of popcorn, that felt amazing.  I had figured out that it wasn’t the carb in chips, but the toppings that gets me.  When I make my own flavours, I don’t get that “must have! Must have!” that drags me into eating the whole bag.  These are the lifetime habits I need, this is good.  But it will result in lots of circles, that’s for sure, giggle!


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