Posted by: cmittermeier | February 16, 2016

Dear Lord, thank you for helping, I could not do this myself!

Oh my, this is hard! I cannot begin to take credit for the 11 pounds I have lost in this first month.  Following the directions is hard.  No grains past three, and the equivalent of only two slices before that is certainly harder to do long term than one would realize.  I am able to do this only by the grace of God, I kid you not.  When I am at that point of just giving in the towel, that’s when I turn to him. I will say a little prayer, ask him how I’m going to do this.  And somehow I get through the next difficult bit.  I may stumble, but there is always a hand up and the journey continues.

In more ways than that, there are these odd little things that just keep happening.  Take the day we were to go skiing with my brother-in-law. The previous two days had been just jam packed, no room to prepare a boxed lunch.  We arrived at midnight, and at seven in the morning I explain we would have to get lunch at the hill.  He just looks at me, reminds me of the cost, the time, is there anything we could fix here??? My hubby steps in, grabbing things from his mother’s freezer, reminding me of the veggies in the fridge, the bottled water and voila, no need to face the French fried temptations.  Last Saturday, when visiting the mother houseof the Heralds if the Gospel here in Schomberg, I had planned on just two slices of the pizza.  Sure enough, there was exactly two slices for me! It was a strange set of circumstances, to be sure, that only two vegetarian pies were served to our table, but that is how God works.

It is hard facing my nutritionist every week.  Oh so many times I would have preferred to cancel. I’ve been down every week, it’s not because I was afraid of the scale. No, visiting her meant recommitting each week to the plan.  Protein each meal.  No grains after three. No night snacking.  Yes, I agree to do this for yet another week.

It reminded me a bit of Sunday Eucharist.  Starting with the Mia colpa, we acknowledge we aren’t perfect…just like how she starts, so how was this week? Each Sunday, we often we will hear more about how we are suppose to behave, what we are to aim for.  The same for our appointment… This week, how about you try this?  When I walk out, and return to my prayers, I realize I have just been charged up for another week. Exactly like Sunday.  Something tells me it has a lot to do with those prayers, keeping God in this process.  There is something very powerful to recommitting each week, to going even when we don’t always want to.

I wish I were more eloquent in my explanations.  I know my words cannot explain the spiritual depth of this journey. Mind you, that’s also how God works, isn’t it? Totally obvious to some, invisible to others.  Praying you each have a great Lenten journey, growing closer to God at each step!


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