Posted by: cmittermeier | April 11, 2016

Easter, vacation, where do I begin?

I am back from a road trip across America for my nephew’s wedding.  The last day of driving was through an ice storm and it will be more than a few days before I am back to myself, just a bit too much stress for comfort!  Over the next while I hope to write more often, there was a lot of sharing when health conscious people get together.  I will also have to make a major decision, financially, because I didn’t realize I had only paid for the first three months of weekly nutritionist meetings, so you can expect a post on that. Then there will also be at least a post or two on the new exercise videos I brought back, it’s a (Catholic) Christian Exercise program around various poses and stretching, please Google Pietra fitness for complete information as it looks really interesting.

So what is tonight’s post about? Ah, nothing more than telling you what I want to write about in the next few weeks! Before I begin with the gut health stuff that was the big conversations, tomorrow I will write a short post on stress recovery, and how to not let it get me down.


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