Posted by: cmittermeier | May 9, 2016

My husband’s back in the game! 

Well, nothing like a deadline to get someone to change.  Within a month, my husband will have to undergo an insurance medical and it is just what he needed!  Though he knew his blood sugar readings during a set of fasting bloodwork had upset our Doctor, it was this deadline that has gotten him to action.  Every morning he’s been checking his numbers.  In the evenings he’s trying to get some physical activity in.  He’s been smart about what he’s eating.  

Slowly he’s coming around to what needs to be done.  He’s been going a bit slowly than I’d like, but, the results so far have been mainly good.  He was able to get his blood sugar down last week – only to bring it back up on the weekend.  Once again, they are starting to lower, but he knows he needs to be more consistent for it to make a real difference.  As far as I’m concerned that is great news – if the weekend slips had not raised it he would just keep on doing it.  Rarely have I seen such automatic negative feedback with the body, about the only thing better would be electric shocks.

As wonderful as it is to have him working on this again, it is because he’s looking down a barrel of a gun and that is unsettling.  His blood pressure tonight was 148/69 in one arm, and 132/68 in the other.  That large a gap in the systolic is an indicator of cardiac problems in the next ten years, beyond the fact that it’s elevated!  His highest sugars are in the low sevens, not majorly bad – forgot, for those of you south of the border, his 7.4 is 134 – his lowest was 4.9, or 88.  Yet the fact that it takes him half a week to get under 5.5 (100) means half the time he’s running high and doing damage to his body.

I am knew to worrying about my husband.  His father had a tonne of health issues and lived till 85, nothing seemed to be able to stop or seriously slow that man down – including a non-functioning heart valve that was allowing only 10% of flow for many years, several heart attacks, wildly out of control diabetes, and sleep apnea that had technictions scared he was going to die the night of his testing!  With the comparison to my family history, we had never thought to worry about him… Now, I’m scared he just might be following my father to an early grave.

So folks, I need your prayers.  I fear that once this physical is over, he will go back to ignoring the issues.  I fear that he will have to be put on medication before he commits to the long term change, or worse, because the meds “work”, there is the risk he won’t make the changes at all.  He wants moderation to be something it is not – a frequent treat.  For him to tread the narrow path God has laid out for him, we will need prayers.

Tonight, I will spend a bit of time praying for all of you.  We’re in this journey together.


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