Posted by: cmittermeier | May 16, 2016

Ack! The Seasons are changing! …now old habits must change too…

Ah, summer!  BBQs, Ice Cream, Chips, Beer… What’s a healthy-wanna-be to do? Change, that’s what.

Last Friday was the first impromptu neighbourhood BBQ of the year.  Typically we would have three to four, alternating houses of course, where a few families gather for food and fun.  The kids get would run and play, drink sugary drinks while filling up on chips. The grown-ups also ate chips and dip, enjoying a beer or two.  Knowing I was on a new road, I didn’t buy tempting chips or sugary drinks.  I grabbed lots of fresh summer fruit, extra veggies.  

That BBQ went well enough, but as the weekend went on, the old habits began to stimulate the salivary glands. There were several other celebrations that weekend beyond our impromptu one and by the end of them I was annoyed. FOUR times I was stuck in situations where I had to politely avoid cake or other goodies!  FOUR times in TWO days!  Honestly, I didn’t know going into the weekend I was going to be faced with them.  That was mainly my own stupidity, just because I don’t think of cake and sweets to celebrate doesn’t mean the rest of the world has changed as well.

I could easily name this post, “In the World but Not Of It” because in the end, that was the conclusion I keep coming down to.  Summer is a new eating zone for me; compared to last season there are huge differences in not just what I will be tempted with, but the healthy alternatives.  Truthfully, I prefer the alternatives, but knowing the frequency will also be increased is hard.  I guess it’s time to rely more on God and less on the world.  

We don’t live in a Catholic bubble. As I look forward (realistically) I can expect every weekend to have at least one (and many two) difficult moments, so, oh how I wish it were a Catholic bubble! Yet, how am I to grow in virtue if I God doesn’t make things a bit more difficult? Sigh. In the words of my kids, “just ’cause I know the next level is good for me doesn’t mean I’m going to like it”.  Writing helps though, the future climb no longer feels quite so challenging.  There is a path through this that will bring me closer to God. It may be narrow, but it is doable, and wonderfully, God will guide me through it himself.  

As always, I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.  Together we will climb this mountain to better health.


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